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Because you interpreted what I said. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrongly, might I add. I just meant that no one on the team was doing anything about the mistakes that had existed for so long, so evidently they didn’t care.


I did interupt, but not wrongly. No one doing anything about it is the same as no one caring about updating, and you mentioned both views yourself!


Daz probably think of the mistakes like an itch he hasn’t scratched in a long time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Daz also thinks of all of your posts as a big, steaming pot of spam >_> <_< Don’t kill me.


lol You’re probably right. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing to do with what Daz is thinking, which seems to suddenly be the topic here. But I saw that the resources page has gone offline (considering the big notice on the main page). I have an idea, but it’s probably a little bit of a hassle. Since they are supposed to ask permission anyway, make it so they have to contact you to get them in the first place. From then… I’m… still thinking about that one… but one way is to ask them what resource they want, and then send it over email.

Speaking of resources, I have around 18 of them on my computer, waiting to put them into a little game (That by now isn’t going so well. Shooting not working, jumping was giving me a hassle until a week ago when I figured out what my stupid mistake was, stuff like that.), and I was looking through the whole P2D site trying to find an email or something to contact an admin about that… that’s probably sitting somewhere right below my nose anyway, but an email to contact would be a good addition to the people who are blind to the obvious like me.
And my random comment of this whole thing is that I was happy when I downloaded the demo and saw that it was made with game maker. Unless for some reason they just happened to throw the game maker icon on there for the heck of it. so… looks like i’ve written just about enough now, doesn’t it? :sweat:


Hiya CloudVaris, if you’re interested in spriting, you should check out the team topic in the progress forum. Read the rules well before you join :wink: We can always use new motivated people :slight_smile:

There is a admin’s email adress in the project section if I’m correct, don’t know for sure… But you can send us a pm on the forum if you want.
About the resources, we’re still looking for a solution, there’s a discussion going on on the SCU forum. Once it’s decided how we will solve the problem, I’ll make the modifications to the website, and the resources will be back online.


I’m not that good at spriting at all. The most I can do is edit sprites, and I’m sure you don’t need a bunch of green sheegoths running around with red shells. Although samus’s ship from Fusion does look kinda sweet in blue…

The most I would be able to do would be to edit the current sprites. Maybe make some snow terrain (last time I checked there wasn’t any, but that was sometime in January.) or possibly tile maps. By the time I practice spriting enough to help here, it would be finished. And not to mention, my modem got fried (I was away and the siblings left my computer plugged into the phone line.) so I am stranded. I can’t use any of my spriting resources, OR get them on the internet. And my mom doesn’t want me downloading anything on this computer in fear of a virus.

Nice solution to the resource stealing problem. Just curious, how would they end up with the whole sheet of sprites after they asked for them?


Rather unfortunate that the rest of us (project team members included) suffer due to apparently more than a couple of, er, buglaries. Thankyou for the continued public access to the P2D project though. Hmm… Seems as if the illicit piracy (as opposed to the legal variety) speaks for itself.

*** WARNING ***
Hypothetical most evil and heinous pirate derived code example following

 &nbsp; &nbsp;objResourcePirate = new resourcePirate();
 &nbsp; &nbsp;objResourcePirate.of_pirate('c:\p2d\resource');
 &nbsp; &nbsp;objResourcePirate.of_toScreen('ha, ha, ha. &nbsp;Yar!');

Therefore the resources must be of good quality and conversly are highly desirable. :mrgreen:


I don’t fully understand your code, but if you’re talking about masking the images url, that’s pretty useless, cuz you can get it in 100 other ways…

Sadly, there’s nothing I can do against hotlinking :frowning:

CloudVaris, to answer your question, no more resources will be shared with outsiders, only team mambers have access to them… We do this to prevent leaking.


Code is not refering to anything specific. Making a wee bit of humor at the expense of whomever caused the resource stealing fiasco. Seems as though it remains as understandable as an Aerosmith and N*Sync performance partnership.


Alright, guess that makes sense. Because my next question was gonna be what happens if people post the sprite sheets on there website after they get them. so yeah… hides the many sprite edits and comics using P2D sprites behind back No sprites here ^^;

And so I don’t get into any sort of trouble, those comics/edits are only on my computer, and only for my amusement… they won’t get to the internet.


Sorry if someone else already mentioned this (don’t have time to read the whole topic right now) but on the Resources page, you’ve got the Pulse Bombu mislabled as the Scatter Bombu. The scatter bombu is the purple one with the energy tendrils - the Pulse Bombu is the blue-yellow one that drops electric charges. The sprite is of the latter.


Is it posible that you guys could create a place to tell us if we have been spaming a lot. or bumping or any other violations this would help us because some noobz might not know something is wrong untill it’s to late


Just check the rules! :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, first post in 1 year…

The site is up again. The domain name should be up this month, thx to rewrite!

Why can't I get to the website?

Out of curiousity, who is ^___^?


:slight_smile: is Phazon Eater. :slight_smile:

Dunno why he changed his name. But I guess, :slight_smile: is… cutish? Dunno.


:slight_smile: is not Phazon Eater, why you think that?

Anyway, Rewrite, do you hav any news on the domain name? doesn’t work, it shows a search site.
It should either link to porn or p2d, you know :wink:


I have no idea. I thought he was an Admin so I just assumed “^_^” was Phazon Eater. <_<;

Also, I wish. <_<; The friend of mine who buys them for me?hence, they are free to me?hasn’t been on msn for while. D: So I have to wait 'till he gets on. :frowning: I think maybe he lost his internet connection.

But anyways. I’ll PM you when I get the domain.