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I didn’t post it, just saw that link in my webstats, lots of people comming from there.

Yea, I agree, that banner should definatly be remade. I remember PE made that 3 years ago >_>


i’m just gonna say that i think the beams should be combined with each other so you don’t have to switch through the beams for the right one.


QUOTE (SpiderSonic214 @ May 26 2017, 01:31 AM)

I would disagree as it isn’t much effort to change beam (assuming it’s done the same way it is in prime) and having them all combine would negate having beam combos and some of the beams just wouldn’t mix (plasma beam and ice beam). I know in previous games those 2 mixed but the prime plasma beam is very different to previous games as it works more like a fire beam.


Beam usage in Prime is a lot more strategic than in the 2D Metroid games. I think that getting rid of beam switching would eliminate an interesting part of the game.