Weird glitch

Uh…I keep getting this odd glitch on the site were there are no horizontal separation lines:

try zooming in a bit?

Your theme is totally awesome.
What is it?

Areo Fox for FF3, and AlienGUIse Darkstar for XP.
And how do I zoom?

Edit: Figured it out. And yeah that worked

Silly XP… There aren’t enough Vista themes, whether windowblinds or not.

Another odd glitch, but this one has to do with the game.
Every now and then, I find it impossible to destroy the charge beam debris in the demo.

Yeah, I get that a lot. :\

I think it works better if you step back a bit.

I had that problem too…but after stepping back almost to the door again, then shoot, it worked. So yeah…hope that helped.

press alt + f4 repeatedly or reformat your hard drive.


lol, you’re so constructive, pomegranate. Those are some genius solutions.