weird metroid stuff

i have found tons of weird things!


weird cannon

weird multiplayer

what scene is this?

so,what do you think?

weird cannon and wierd multi player is probobly beta screenshots!

the first picture is so large,i cant see my edit button and there is no sidescroll do i reduce the picture?

here are cool logos!


plastic samus? :confused:

another multyplayer!

Whoa. That crayon-comic first image… who was the author? And how old was he?

He/she was probably a young child, but the very fact that a young child could understand Fusion that well is pretty amazing.

But you do NOT wanna know what that arm cannon in the first frame looks like to me… especially it’s location. shudders I think I’m gonna have nightmares…

Where’d you find that, anyway?

XD Thats what I thought too…

Sick mind’s think alike… xD

I found a few pictures with google just now. They look to me almost like someone had toy models and put them together to make these, but the environments are too realistic for that. I want to see this scene in action, so if anyone happens to have a video of this or something, tell me.

dude that weird cannon is when you connect your gba to the gamecube and play as samus in fusion if i’m correct

dude, you are not correct there, and if you need a prove, just look here:…hermal_core.php

The cannon was just a beta version of hte Power Beam, the ‘weird scene’ is from a promo trailer of MP2, and the beetle scenes are promo videos from the first MP.

alright thnx dude I believe you :stuck_out_tongue:

It is really quite simple to understand Fusion.

The other day I found a dollar toy of a bow and 5 sticky arrows that had a picture of a colour edited Samus on the case. I’ll show it soon, once I have a web cam ready.

so did i!

Sorry if it’s big…

When you’re this desperate, it really is sad…

OMG, I can’t get this pic of a dog named Samus out here because of Tripod! NO!

I found that on google, actually, just a few days ago… never thought to put it up here for some reason…

Well, at least that person tried… it’s not that bad for an amateur costume.

lol. that guy/girl is metroid supernerd.

BUT what’s even funnyer is the girl in the background wearing her backpak backwards.

Aww no, image hosted by tripod? What the hell? It was fine last time I looked :neutral_face: