Welcome to the cult of Razer.

Razer. I has some.

Mamba. Flipping awesome mouse.

Carcharias. Flipping awesome headset.


Arctosa. Will have one.

You got any sweet gaming gear? Post here.

I have the same headset…

I thought my parents were too cheap to get me something that good.

Heh… none of Razer’s stuff even comes near the Mamba… it comes in a freaking display case lol.

Yeah, that is one epic mouse.

This is mine. It’s 3.5 in. by 2 in. and extremely light. Perfect for gaming.

lul, Zurg. Guess we’re just on opposite ends of the gaming gear.

G35 headset

G5 mouse (heavy, loaded with all the 4.5g weights, yay control.)

G11 keyboard

And something Razer wins with: Exactmat

Love the control side of the exactmat.
I didn’t even intentionally get mostly logitech gear, it just kinda happened as I was upgrading my gaming stuff. After testing different things out, I liked the setup of the mouse better, the macro keys and media key placement on the keyboard, and the headset…
Well, it just blew everything else out of the water << Great sound quality, great noise canceling, great virtual surround. Love it.

i feel poor
i cant even afford to get a new mouse

my old one died, and now i cant gaaaaame

Cloud: I just got rid of a MX1100 mouse, and G35 headset. Razer beats both by far.

G35 is just way too heavy for how long I wear it… MX1100 was good, but it’s not a Mamba. It beats the G5 in every way, too.

Plus I just don’t find the G line comfortable.

Due to the thing that I like matching peripherals, I swapped from getting a G19 board to a Arctosa.

Phlakes wins the thread. I game with an MS mouse and a regular Dell keyboard. And medium-quality speakers. And guess what?

I still win. :slight_smile:

Funny, I wear the G35 quite literally all day and find it amazingly comfortable. But eh, I’m not gonna attack your preference.
And yeah, it beats it in every way at 2.5 times the price at which I got the G5. I don’t play at higher than 1200 DPI most of the time, and I find the G5 more comfortable.
But yeah, the G11 is a blegh keyboard. Macro keys soft-stick at times until you click the actual key that’s “stuck.”
…Which I guess is really my only complaint, aside from the fact that the macro software isn’t as powerful as I was hoping it would be.

@ Tim: Yes, and I won with my shitty ball mouse and dell keyboard from 1998. I didn’t get the stuff because “zomg I need an edge,” I got it because I like good hardware/high quality sound and because I like being comfortable.
On the one hand, I could get mediocre hardware and get comfortable with it, or I can get good hardware that I can change to fit my comfort.

(Plus macro keys are just plain useful. I don’t have to dodge hotkeys to find a ventrilo keybind, and I can just put a bunch of shit right next to my left hand instead of actually moving my hand across the keyboard.)

Apple Keyboard

Magic Mouse

Harman Kardon Soundsticks II

XBOX 360 wireless Reciever

The Recon Controller

I use this when I play my emulated SNES, Genesis and Amiga games.

Well, with raw facts, your G35 is nearly 2.5x as heavy as this set, and almost twice as expensive. I will give it the bass award though, that thing can rattle. xD

As for DPI… I game at 5600. 'nuff said.

Zurg I just have one question… WHERE DO YOU GET ALL YOUR MONEY?

You’re making a new computer every week it seems. now you’re buying all sorts of high-end gaming gear. :slight_smile:

Lol I’m a waiter at a Japanese Hibachi Grill.

'nuff said, although it’s gonna come crashing down… starting next semester I have to pay for school. >_<


so wait, you’re on a PC right, and I wish that controller designs that awesome were available here :frowning:

That’s connected to my Mac.
I got the controller when I purchased the special edition of ODST.

I have the same keyboard, mouse and sound as you Liks. But I’m getting a new headset for my birthday, Zurg, how much does the Razer one cost?

A lot.

By a lot he means $80. G35 is about $130.
Don’t buy the G35 without wearing one first. The weight really does make some people uncomfortable.

Finally figured out the Razer naming scheme…

All of their headsets are fish.
All of their mice are snakes.
All of their keyboards are spiders.

Also they have a motion controller coming out that will completely pwn the Wii-mote and Natal.