What about sound?

hi everybody! i am a new user and i am foreign so forgive my english!

i’ m a grea fan of metroid expecial for the snes one! i like your idea of making your own metroid 2d and i would like to take part of it if you agree…

i’m studing sound engeenering and i’d like to take care of the sounds and/or part of the music if you like! if you have already someone that is at work yet, it’d be nice to work together!

how are you actually working with this part of the game? just “copy and paste” from the original games’s music or producing it? what about the sounds??

thank for the attention!

awsome project!


Creating new sounds from scratch, though I’m not sure how much we still need.
However, are you willing to make musics and sounds for other projects?
My engine could use some music love!

too bad…:frowning:

explain me the other project and i’ll examinate it very carefully!!

We currently have no one doing the sound effects, but I think we’ve got the music covered. Submit some example of a sound from the game that you made (like the regular power beam shot, for starters), and you’ll probably get a permanent place on the team.

Thought we didn’t have much…
Err, my project is at the point where I’m still writing the engine (I use Shigeru Myamoto’s theory of game making, one room, lots of engine coding, untill it’s done), so areas can be literally moulded around an atmospheric tune!

I still say we should just use the original sound effects. A lot of them would be really hard to reproduce without sounding like shit, and CFX already ripped the ones from the game.

If these come out well, then they’d be awesome to use. If they suck, then they suck. It’s worth a try, at least.