what are the torizos?

What are they?! chozos that got crazy? bobby traps? (jetman said XD) or robots? this is odd

Torizo are, IIRC, Chozo guardians.


No, I’m just lying to you to benefit my devious plans?

Um, torizo is technically the name for all chozo statues in general (it’s Japanese for ‘bird statue’)… >.>

I reckon you mean the miniboss ones, as is a common misconception? Those are just roboticized torizos guarding the items and ruins from pirates and other invaders. Not knowing who Samus is, they attack her too.

On wiki it said that they were cousns of the chozo :confused:

thats quite strange… wiki must be wrong! but that would go against my whole principal and being… no… wiki is wrong… or is it?

Then someone has clearly been vandalizing the article, because I just rewrote it a few days ago.

cousns huh?.. that do a little sense… but, why we only see then on sm and not om ZM?