What do you guys think...

Sooo…I want to know what you think…(I’m just really bored)

I don’t like it much. While it does add to her character I always liked the mystery that always surrounded her when she didn’t.

Your turn…

(NOTE: I haven’t read the “Other M” thread in a while so I’m not really sure whether or not you guys already discussed this.)

I always applaud more characterization for 1 dimensional characters, and if I recall correctly, we all came to a similar consensus a few pages back in the official topic.

Yeah I thought so my opinion however is still that while I do like the fact that we can finally hear her speak and stuff and we get to learn more about her I sill liked her more when she was the “strong and silent” type.

I think they’re feminizing Samus too much.

Should she speak? Maybe. Thoughts (as most of other M is), I think are fine.

IMO, Samus should be a hollow shell of a human. She’s been through so much, it would have destroyed her as a human. She would be broken, sad, and vengeful.

On a semi-related note, she shouldn’t be long haired and pretty. Long hair + helmet = no. Ever. Spending who knows how many days in a suit wouldn’t do much for appearance, either.

I think you’re over-thinking it a little…>.>

Who gives a shit?

(for the record I’m talking about the hair)

The thing that you, Zurg, are overlooking is that she’s characterized in Other M as being someone with deep personal issues, that tends to happen when your parents, and then your surrogate parents are violently killed by a race of bug things. Lets not forget that at this point in the timeline a creature that believed her to be its mother died in front of her and she’s had to face an Eldritch Abomination

Plus think about it Samus is super-strong mentally and physically so I’m sure someone like her could easily have kept her sanity and personality.

Which is part of why Sakamoto did that. He was afraid people had the wrong idea of Samus so he made a game focusing on what she was like as a person, so future games would be in-line with her existing personality rather than clashing with their Prime-inspired blank slate.

Right, OK cool then…

I still don’t haven’t completely come to terms with them destroying the “Perfect Fighting Machine Of Doom(+ boobs)” image that I had created in my head but whatever.

I think that maybe they made her talk too much sometimes, like maybe she should have been more collected, also the narrations got a bit annoying at times (for me at least).

I hope to god they never make Link talk… a bit off topic, but y’know…

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