What happened to Bubbace36

He’s unable to sign in. Somebody obviously did something and it was probably the dumb ass that threatened him. katfil97. Who is that? Lets find out…

come forward and you will be forgiven <_<

Couldn’t find that username in the database. Guest, perhaps?

its their IM name

Ah, I have no idea then.

I think im pretty hidden for now but yea i got banned…i dont think they’ll find me this tim XD

Anybody else thinking of ‘notPY’?

yes :3

So…why were you banned? There was no reason for it.


According to the “last activity” time of user 1336, which is after the time of Rundas’s post, either he CAN sign in or he was already logged in and signed out around the time he made the other accounts.

Ho ho. This is fun. Come on, bring your own pitchfork!

Heck with pitchforks, I have a torch!

Oh yeah? I have a horde of minions a la Overlord 2 (seriously that game is fun)

but yeah, I’m curious about what happened to that guy too.

i has flaming trident! =D

I haz Daz. And he haz Ban-Hammer. :smiley:

i killed a man with a trident :smiley:

He doesn’t appear to be banned–perhaps a simple account-hijacking is to blame here.

I’ve reset his password. Hopefully it stays secure this time.


this forum is too secluded for this kind of thing -.-

I dunno Pom, I mean we have had spam/ad bots here before >_>