What is the best metroid form

ok then what about them why are they so hard then

Metroid Prime’s Second form.

Infant Tallon Metroids are just so cute. :3

And Dark Metroids are awesome.

Still, I’m rather partial to Prime’s first form, even if it is rather easy, it looks awesome and has good music :3

It isn’t a Metroid. Go anywhere and you would figure that out. I know it seems ironic, but its true.

I am not saying your wrong mf67 but can you
tell me where you got this info?

Except that, you know, it’s a metroid. Because it has metroid DNA according to a pirate data, not to mention, how does a non-metroid spawn metroids? Plus it’s called, y’know, METROID Prime…

Dragon, go ahead and say he’s wrong, because he’s wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand your question. :confused:

are the pirates like really hard or easy?

I think that the Fission Metroid is best, you can kill as many as possible but they just keep slitting and making more of themselves

True to True thats why they are a really good killing machine ( I mean not mechanical)

Killing machine=Samus. But she’s not a metroid form…

Okay then Daz, which Pirate says that?

Metroid Prime is a parasitic lifeform that fed off Phazon from the meteor. There has been absolutely no information that goes with the fact that Metroid Prime is in fact a Metroid. If you read the Chozo lore, they say that Metroid Prime, or the “Worm”, was created from Phazon radiation. Now, that does NOT have any connection to a Metroid. Regardless of the fact that “Metroid”, is in the name “Metroid Prime”, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is one.

1–How does a non-metroid spawn metroids?
2–How does a non-metroid have metroid DNA?
3–Why would a non-metroid be dubbed Metroid Prime?
4–Why would a non-metroid’s lair be full of metroids?
5–Why would a non-metroid ALSO happen to LOOK a lot like a metroid in addition to these things?
6–Metroid Prime is a metroid. ZOMG!

I like essense of Metroid Prime.
Apart from the fact it only has two ‘attacks’ :unamused:

w/e believe what you want to believe buddy

Correction, you believe what you want to believe. I think everyone else is more likely to go with Daz.

Mainly because it is common sense, Metroid Prime IS a metroid, there are so many different things that state or imply it. it wasn’t called Metroid prime for the hell of it.
The omega metroids look nothing like metroids, but they still are metroids.

there all my fav. In metroid prime in phazon mines there is a part where you can get the metroid to attack at the yellow looks pirates.

My favorite metroid is the Metroid prime (yes it is a metroid) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Why the Metroid prime is a metroid

  • It is called the METROID prime
  • His homeworld is SR388
  • His second form looks like a metroid
  • He can spawn metroids