What is the best metroid form

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whats leet speak anyway?

:wink: you build letters insded for writting them :wink:


i get it now…but what’s the point of doing that?

Best metroid form is Dark Samus which is technically a metroid only in samus’s phazon suit. If that wasnt one than i say that Metroid Prime 1st form pwned cause it could make pure phazon. :metroid: :metroid: :metroid: :metroid: :metroid:

that was second form.

and you’re right, ds is a metroid

Exactly. I just don’t get why she can’t drain life energy. In any form of Metroid Prime she couldn’t drain life energy as far as I could tell. That kinda bugges me.

hmmmmm… mp with energy drain… that might make an easy boss hard! :^_^:

the thing with dark samus she was ethier an experment made by the chozos or trying to create another gurdian or the space pirates stole parts of the power suit which were infect with the X-parsite after the SA-X was formed or the pirates took a SA-X.

one, ds was before fusion
two, the chozo were all dead by no,
three, its just mp in phazon suit cuz it tries to capture samus as a body, but gets the phazon suit instead

not the phazon suit the power suit was infected with the X-parasite and parts were taken off the samus and put into Containment and the x took the parts and mae SA-X

yet the chozo were the ones who brought samus up and gave her the suit in the first place so the power suit is their tecnology so the would of created the suit yet it turned evil

then samus has faced the space pirates numerous times so they would have been watching her adn taking the spec of the suit down and the tried to create a new one but i failed and it went rouge.

. . .

No. Dark Samus is Metroid Prime. End of story.

And no offense, but that is the worst theory I have EVER heard.

The Super Metroid was the best metroid. Poor baby… :>_>:

Also, the Omega Metroid didn’t drain energy, either…in fact, the NORMAL ones (alpha…the super metroid…) seem to be the only ones in the 2D games that drained energy.

I like the Regular Metroids best. they so cool.

And the Metroid Prime’s first form is my second favorite. It’s all awesome because it stole all their weapons and made it’s own shell. Awesome Metroid Prime that is obviously a Metroid.