What is your fav MP item


Anyway I like Phazon Suit and beam.

phazon suit is cool. too bad Dark Sammy stole it. >:[

and i think i want to develope a SNES gameshark. :] so people can whip out there old SNES games and play them in new ways! ill just have to patend and advertise it with all the money i dont have.

lol, i know this is a little back, but anyone else remember after you beat SOTN and played as belmont, and if you do a backdash the second you get into the castle (as rich. remember, only he can do it), you backdash and end up in a place not in the game, there is even a save spot down there, i was so impressed by that…yet…so utterly shocked…

Whats SOTN?

simphony of the night

best castleovania ever? ring a bell?

I don’t play Castlevania. I know the series though.

same here… i dont really even remember the game nor have i ever played it. i dont own it… i havnet even seen the cover or screenshots for it. was it on SNES?

Super Castlevania IV was on the SNES. GBA? GCN?

I don’t remember Castlevania on GC but I know for a fact there are Castlevania games on SNES, GBA, and maybe PS1

symphony of the Night was released for the Playstation. It’s one of the best 2D games ever, and the best Castlevania game ever made.

So the spamming stops now.

im so dissapointed that i havnt played this game, that appearantly everyone loves. i might have to get one of them. ps1 most likely.

Iso dude… ISO XD

ISO? what the muffin does that mean?

.ISO is the format you would use to copy an ENTIRE DISK in a RAW DATA FORMAT

What this can be used for… try to guess…

Ok, fine, it’s how you take ROMS of disk based (gamecube) games, it works, and I’ll admit it, yes, I have some, they kick ass, and I know it’s illegal, but I love MP soooooo much that I’m willing to take that risk.

Thank God I won’t be there when the feds come knocking at your door.

hehehe americans make me laught… last week i saw i guy that didnt know what a visual boy is, and now… a ISO hehehe… rule folowers…

(not that theres anything wrong with that, is exaclty the opositive, is just that i am not used to see this in brazil XD)

how do you use ISO? sounds fun… i want a MP rom.
yeah knuckle, ill probably be the funniest you see. cept i dont follow rules in this case.

well, if you wanna use a iso ( i dont know if i should say this, people that folow this rule in particular dont read the text below )

Download DAEMON TOOLS is a program that create a image of the rom… whats a image? is like a virtual cd drive… the emulator will think that you actualy placed the metroid prime game on the cd drive, but thats only work of the daemon tool.

No, Daemon alters your registry so that your computer thinks it has up to 4 extra dvd drives, and takes YOUR ISO, MDS, or whatever and makes your computer think that the disc is IN THE DRIVE. This is used for game pirating of COMPUTER GAMES, as in, games that you can go out and BUY for your computer. This is wrong, as there is a legal alternative.

But, when I said ISO, i meant the kind that is used in GCN EMULATION.

I said it, yes, it does exist, but you won’t be able to make it work. I guarantee it. Here’s how I know. Think of how much you paid for your computer, it doesn’t matter when. Now, compare that to how much you paid for your car. If the ratio isn’t COMPUTER > CAR, then it won’t work. Even I can only pull 16 fps on MP2:E.

Also, the feds don’t care. They have a public to please, and need to end the war before they even consider raising funds to stop us. It is illegal, but the sheer cost of searching everyone’s computer, and prosecuting everyone to the maximum extent of the law is astronomical, so they aren’t going to stop anyone.

They can do what they will, but nobody can control the internet, and when someone can, they try to hack the government, and spend the rest of their days in the state penn as Bubba’s personal “ASSistant”.