what is your real name?

Clark Alexander Lino Danverd


Are you making fun of people’s names, Mp2:E? :clap:

How do you pronounce it, then?

Mine’s Jared.

Go ahead. Laugh.

if u insist. :laughing:

maybe Erik :stuck_out_tongue:

and no, i’m not gonna laugh

My name is Tobias its a german name but I’m dutch :wink: :slight_smile:

my parents decided to be original: im dakota

First Name:Kevin Last Name:Ryan (Ri-an

I’m umm, hmm, what was my name? Oh YEAH!! I remeber, it’s

Kevin Michael Jett (don’t you dare laugh)
and no I’m not in any way related to an airplane.

don’t you know people can do fraud and scam
David that is all i have to give:D

You need more than a name, you need a social security or ID number of some kind.

Yes they can’t spam you for telling your name <_< which is why I told mine.

I am Marcelo

yo. My name is Mason Carter Nalle. the e is silent!!! i get so many damned screwups on my name. Nalley Nail, Nooley the list goes on and on. So dont get is skrewd up got it!? good.

you guys dont belive that i am marcelo right? but i am, do you guys want to know the meaning of my name?

shure mine means maker of stone and builder of strong ideas and leader of groups

my name means the apreciation for thing that passes unnoticed by the eyes of the people

My name’s Daniel Muir. Apparently Daniel means “God is my judge.” Cool! :smiley:

You have no idea how many times people have screwed up my last name. Miller, Moore (most common), even the rare Mirror.

Lol… Mirror.


I ran out of stuff to say.

>_> <_< >_> <_<

Steals cookie and runs away

E ae marcelo!
Brazuca ein!

My name is Caio… i forgot the last name…