What was your most recent meal?

Just because.

I had this for lunch (please note I just pulled similar items off of google, the stuff I ate looks MUCH better):
Red Snapper

3 Spicy Tuna hand rolls

3 Salmon Skin hand rolls

All for around $6. Employee discounts are awesome.

i had vegetable and tofu rice with vegetable eggrolls and somma that noodle stuff

i forgot the name

basically i had some epic vegetarian food xD

a breakfast bagel that I threw up like 15 minutes later, stomach flu is teh suxorz

I last had some Chef Boyarde Lasagna, and Jelly beans.

I had some shitty school pizza. In all truth, it takes mega-supreme skills to screw up a simple pizza as bad as they make it.





It would have been school food, but I missed lunch for the tennis tournament.

I had three Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, a breakfast hot pocket, some flat mountain dew, and a bunch of milk. That was my lunch. I am not going to Taco Bell for some greasy delicious Beefy 5-layer burritos.

youre NOT going?

you fool

Just had three chocolate chunk cookies, and four powdered mini doughnuts.

Man, we are healthy people.

Mine is about to be multi-grain Cheerios.

havent eaten yet today lawl

Woot we’re in the same boat.

Tomorrow I don’t eat until 4:50pm :O_O:

That is a pic of the actual last thing I just ate.

Salad. With pieces of a dead chicken in it.

That’s no chicken…


CMC wins.