where are you from

Im a cunuk from ottawa, ontario, canada where are you from?

I posted this to see if there are any other canadians here.Im not an insane murderer who wants to hunt you down, seriously im only 13 and pretty weak if i could beat you up you must ne the size of a twig.

i’m surprised you don’t have a self-esteem problem, and why cant skinny twig like people beat people up?

oh well, i’m from Indiana USA.

I’m from North Carolina, but I live near San Diego, California.
I am a skinny twig though.

i live in arizona and im a football player lol “so im not much of a twig”

It is spelled "canuck :wink: "

Anyway, i’m from Newfoundland, Canada. Canadians rule!! :smiley: :smiley:

German, currently in a small town near San Diego that no one’s ever heard of. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m from New Zealand and I love Da-

Hang on, that didn’t happen, OK? I didn’t just say I love Daz, OK?

Yeah, I’m from Down Under. It’s nice here, and you shoul all visit at least once.

im from england, britan, stok on trent



sorry for caps

I’m from Seattle washington but currently living in Honolulu hawaii. I’ll be moving back to seattle in the summer.

Hey, more Canadians!!! :smiley:

I`m from Pennslyvania in a town that some might have heard of…Hopewell( where the plane crashed about 11 years ago)…

There’s too many Canadian’s here…
And Daz, I might have heard of your place, I live right next to San Diego too.

i’m from corsica,a french island :slight_smile:

What, you got a problem against Canadians? How bout we come to your house and sick you with our pet beavers? :smiling_imp: :laughing:

In my opinion Canadians rock, American’s are to fat. :>_>:

That being said, its the fattest country in the world, especially houston. Damn texans.

Has anyone here seen “Super Size Me”?

Uh, I said hey more canadians here beacuse of metroid zapper and Dark_samus are canadian not beacuse of zachtroid

Isn’t that the one in the Mediterranean (sp)?

Canadians rock. >_>

And DBS: Escondido.