where are you from

Uhh, Well, then your post was a bit late Got_Metroid???

Oh. I live in Carlsbad.

Why does evryone love Canadians? evrybody hates me, and I’m canadian. strange.

Carlsbad, eh? I have an aunt that lives there. Nice place.

And Got Metroid, perhaps because you post like a n00b? No offense intended, but most people hate ppl taht typ liek ths.

I’m from Deventer, the netherlands

its a very old city and most of it all is unskate-able :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and by the way, I’m from Ontario, Canada.

“Canuck’s” sure do love Metroid :smiley:

Its because of southpark! The Canadians in southpark are so cool!

Just kidding. My friend is obsessed with s/p.
Washington is right on the border of Canada, so WA is similar. And I like places in the north west like Canada and Wa cause they have great sceanery, and they’re not as hot as the lower states.

(omg! Thank god I’m moving back to washington on november 24th! Hawaii is waaay too hot!)

u live in hawaii???lucky bastard!

no. It sucks here. Well, it sucks if you’re used to a cold climate.

Uhhhh, if you’re used to a cold city or state, most people enjoy going to a warm climate like Hawaii. :neutral_face:

Im from California and my mom is from the philipines and my dad is from Califonia.I was born i La as my city and i live in Granada Hills as my town(Not City)

another waste of topic
why is this here?
when you can view some one’s porifle and see or at the post
anyway London/UK

im from brazil

I not fat, I lived in Alabama and I have some relative that are Canadians :smiley:

MF what city r u from? i liv in toronto

I live in Ottawa. Only 5 hours away! :smiley: