Which Item Upgrade Did you Like The Best

Which Item Upgrade Did You Like The Best?

  • Space Jump
  • Screw Attack
  • Maru Mari (Morph Ball)
  • Spider Ball
  • Boost Ball
  • Bombs
  • Power Bombs
  • High Jump Boots
  • Varia Suit
  • Gravity Suit
  • Phazon Suit
  • X-Ray Scope(Super Metroid)
  • X-ray Visor
  • Dark Visor
  • Echo Visor
  • Thermal Visor
  • Speed Booster
  • Gravity Boost
  • Missiles
  • Super Missiles
  • Fission Missiles
  • Grapple Beam
  • Energy/Reserve Tanks

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Which Metroid Item would you say you liked the best. I’m not going to inlcude Beam Upgrades because that was discussed in another topic.

Personally my all time favorite would have to be the Screw Attack. It’s just awesome looking in Super Metroid-Prime 2, and it’s saved my life more than once in my Metroid playing days.

(If I forgot any I’m sorry. It’s hard to remember EVERY item in Metroid History).

my fav is definitely the seeker missles in Prime 2(which you forgot by the way :unamused: ) You have to love those multi-target techniques.

Screw attack. That thing is so damn fun especially against rezbits :smiling_imp:

I don’t understand. The morph ball is probably the most original item in the history of Metroid, yet everybody fails to even consider it! :imp:

Darknin, the reason for that is probably because of it’s simplicity. all it has for it’s name is maneuverability over crawling; also, it’s a lot bigger than it looks. it’s about a meter tall. People enjoy cool looking and explosive things.

Oh and knight, you too? Isn’t it great having such an easy way to kill rezbits after all that pain and missile waste?

The Grapple Beam is just plain awesome, especially MP2’s version.

Off Topic: Rezbits are easy, as long as you have a wall to hide behind. If not - When it uses its turret dash alternately left and right. The shots should fly harmlessly to your sides. Space jump over the laser. Shoot a semi-charged Power Beam shot to when its charging its hacker to stop it.
On-Topic: What’s so different about MP2’s grapple beam?

You can shoot while using it. ^.^

Yeah, it’s useful to be able to charge up your beam while swinging during Chykka. How did I not know that though? :blush:

Well, rezbits are easy, yes, just time-consuming and annoying, making me wish I could make them go away faster because I’m impatient, So I still found pleasure in screwing them.


Did you know you won’t lose your lock on Rezbits if you have the Echo Visor on? I Screw Attack the Rezbits too though.

Yeah, I figured that out, but it also takes away your ability to tell if they’re about to virus you.

You could always listen for the tell-tale whooshing noise and the wavy arms thing. Its hard to tell when they have their shield up though.

I miss the x-ray scope…

Here’s one for you: Which do you like better, X-ray visor or X-ray scope?

High Jump Boots are so cool! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

both are sexay… y’know what? now that i think about it p2d will combine em :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the difference?

Well, X-ray visor for one is much harder to see with, so it’s not very good for revealing hidden passages. it’s job is more to reveal invisible objects.
X-ray scope lets you see hidden passages. and the time freeze is handy. the x-ray visor can’t do that.

I see. I’ve never played either game. :is ashamed of self: :blush: