Which metroid story would you rather see?

yeh, i heard that metroid prime 3 was probably gonna be the last metroid title. i hope my sources are wrong :cry:

A game set after Fusion.

I think there should be reprecussions for what Samus did on the BSL station. An idea I got recently would be that Samus returns to the GF HQ and tries to explain how dangerous the X were and that there were no human bio-signs left on the station, but they don’t listen: they arrest her on trumped-up charges. Unfortunately (for them :stuck_out_tongue:) they didn’t remove Samus’s suit before interrogating her: she blows her way out of the HQ, fortunately harming no-one in the process. After that, I see two possibilities:

A. Samus fights to clear her name, or

B. She discovers that there is a conspiracy in the Federation government, which was the cause of the trumped-up charges that led to her arrest.

After that, my ideas end: but what do you think?