While it's a little ridiculous, take a look...

Apparently Wii Sports is a “Bestseller”

A little ridiculous, I know. Just thought we should discuss this a bit. If you read the comments on the link provided, people have already been going at it for a while now.

Thoughts? Comments?

I personally think that, while Wii Sports may not deserve the title, it is the best seller. We should respect it as such.

think of everyone who owns a Wii.
Never will there be a game that every single Wii owner on the planet has bought. Except for Wii sports. (Edit: Except in Japan and Korea, apparently <_< My bad.)
It’s packaged with the system =/
It’s like it’s cheating, everyone HAS to buy it, even if they don’t want to.
So… it kinda makes sense for it to be on the best sellers list, even if it shouldn’t count.

You know, it’s funny that every single game on there is Nintendo.

Yeah, but if wii sports doesn’t count, nor does SMB3, so there’s precedent :confused:

It makes me sad, though. Very sad.

Yeah, but there’s a bit of a difference =/
Can you even BUY wii sports aside from buying it with a wii? It’s been… what… two years? And that game was the ONLY bundle around for the majority of those two years.

Actually, I just looked it up, even the Wii Play bundles come with Wii Sports.
Was Mario bundled with the system for two years? =/ If they allow perma-bundled games on the best sellers list, it seems like we’d be seeing Solitaire and Minesweeper on the best sellers list for PC Games.

edit:…where do you see smb3? <_< There’s smb, smw (snes), and sml(gb), but no smb3
edit2: It is kinda funny, though… we can go around saying that Wii Sports is ahead of the Halos in sales. That’ll piss a number of people off.

I meant SMB1. <_<;;

And good point. Wii Sports > GAYlo confirmed.

Anyone happen to know the combined sales for Halo 1-3?

Agreed with everything that’s been said, basically.

Nintendo has sort of always relied on bundled packages. But that’s why they’ve got the top 10 list locked up.

I want to know that too. What are the combined sales for the Generic game series that everyone lo- Oh, sorry, I mean the Halo series. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny, This was mentioned in guiness world records. I was wondering how dense the editors must have been to have that there.

went and found the figures for the Halos: (in millions)
As of mid november, but I’m also rounding up on all of them.
Combined: 24 million.
Brawl has almost as many copies sold as Halo 3, and if memory serves it came out a number of months after. New Super Mario Bros alone has 18.3 million units, more than Halo 3 and 2 combined… Mario Kart Wii has 13.84 , mario kart ds has 13.94, Wii Fit has 14.1, pokemon diamond/pearl are at 17.32 million.
Final Fantasy 7 still beats out Halo 3 at 9.73 million, as does mario kart 64 at 9.87. Mario Kart DS and Wii beat out the Halo games by over 5 million…
Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Mario in general are all still more popular than World of Warcraft.
Just pointing out some interesting things I saw at vgchartz.

thats cuz halo wasnt that fun

More like people realized they could go over to a friends house and get through the game in one night (Like me).

Yeah… I agree with both of those statements <_<

Yes. It isn’t bundled in Asia and I think a few other places, and Japan has sold a buttload of copies. I think it’s 1 per 1.1 Wiis or something like that

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