Who else has heard of this?

THIS COULD MEAN ANYTHING! Uh…I could see that working except her thrusters are a little different. Be cool though.

Samus’s ship isn’t aerodynamic enough to be an F-Zero racing car. The engines are also set up differently.

It’s too big to even fit on the track.

yeah…probably 4 times the size of the black bull when you think about it. maybe 10.

Come to think about it, it’d be funny to watch Samus race in her gunship.

eh, it’d be funny to watch her shoot people. Course, she’d take all the bounties on the racers for falcon which could be unfair.

If youve ever played GX youll see black bull is bigger than samus ship… and the machine setup, I dont think that cares, while the ship flies fast! :stuck_out_tongue:

What??? Is Samus’s Gunship actually in the game?

What about Samus and Boba Fett? I think that’s a real match right there.

Are you kidding me?! They’re not even from the same DIMENSION! I mean, video games, movies…

Click on comics. It’s somewhere in the archives.

Am I going to regret this or will the images not require me to get out the carpet and candles?

…Inside joke.

I see… It’s a good comic though.

I tried to find the comic but couldn’t. Where is it?

My throat actually is sore.

Ooooh. I seem to be incredibly unperceptive alot of the time. I usually search on the sidebar.

Well, it is on a bar, just in a different part of the screen.

No, but you can see them in comparison to humans…

F-zero machines aren’t much bigger than cars you all know.

Are the ones in SSBM correctly proportioned? ‘Cause if they are, then Samus’ gunship would be a lot bigger. (On the first F-Zero level)