who is better? samus or SA-X

Samus isn’t meant to defeat SA-X. It dies on it’s own.

And, Samus is supposed to die when you’re supposed to hide, but you jump out into the open. You can easily tell, and besides, the music changes…

I voted for Samus, because she owned SA-X. Huh…

I voted for Samus because even though she may not be as good as SA-X, I AM BETTER AND I CONTROL SAMUS!!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Lolz, once SA-X was chasing me after I got power bombs, so I used em, and ran like crazy.

Then, just for fun, I shot at SA-X like crazy, the escaped. Lol, it’s sooo fun doing that…

SA-X and Samus are equal to each other in all things, but because SA-X isn’t controlled by a player but just the computer it has a lack of A.I intelligence…


If you call that intelligent then I would hate to see a dumb SA-X :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, SA-X is not better than Samus.

Um…no. Samus did defeat SA-X, it’s just that it escaped before Samus could absorb it into herself. It’s not until Samus is about to be beaten by the omega that SA-X comes, get a few pop shots in with it’s Ice Beam, gets hit, goes into it’s parasite form, which now Samus sees an opportunity and absorbs it in order go get the power to beat the Omega.

Sa-X is just stupid because of a lack of programming. We are going story-wise here, are we not?

I don’t remember any time in Fusion when Adam says the SA-X is more intelligent than Samus. Sure, he calls the X intelligent when one absorbs the knowledge of a scientist on the BSL ship and almost blows it all up, but I don’t remember him comparing that intelligence to Samus. If he does, though… Prove me wrong.

That was without a doubt one of the worst posts I have ever seen.

It’s a shame it didn’t break any rules beyond “being fucking idiotic”, because I can’t take any disciplinary action. :<

Lol, during about the part from the beginning of when you see SA-X to the Sector 3 (PYR) part, Adam always says Samus Aran X is highly intelligent.

He says that when the Cooler went offline, when the elevators were down, and when an X mimicked a scientist.

Lots more than that, btw…

Yes, he says that the SA-X is highly intelligent quite often, but he never compares its intelligence to Samus. Otherwise it would be the same as “LOL SA-X > joo, Samus!!! PWn’td!!!” during their conversations.

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And I concur with T92. The SA-X is intelligent compared to the standards of its race, but it’s not up to par with Ms. Aran by any stretch of the imagination.

Thank you, Dazzy.

Lol, it’s not easy being part of the team…

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You have to do the same…

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Hmmm… Ok, how’s this thinking?

The X reproduce asexually, making the new parasite just as intelligent as all of the parasites prior to it. Now, Samus was infected by an X and it reproduced, causing multiple SA-Xs. BUT, the X parasite infected her BEFORE the events on the BSL (scientists=knowledge on Federation and her too) This would limit the Xs intelligence on a grand scale, making it as smart and ONLY as smart as Samus. Now, tactics require information and creativity combined. If you thought of an X as a computer, then sure, it can have an efficient AI since it has been absorbing all kinds of critters throughout its generations. So, it must think the same way as Samus if not influened a bit by prior “hunting” skills. All in all, you’d be pitting an exact replica (with burning instinct) against an original which may or may not be affected by the thought of essentially killing his/herself. I’d say that the likelihood of either one winning is almost dead even, if a bit unbalanced by the “killer instinct” bit. In smaller, simpler terms:

SA-X - 50.5%
Samus - 49.5%

The ultimate determining factor is luck.

Lol, I agree with you. Luck would decide the winner…

Well, I think this topic should be locked…

not much more to say, is there?

I don’t think luck would be the determining factor, desire would be. If they were really that even, whoever had the deapest burning desire to defeat the other would win. Yes, there would be a little luck thrown in there, too.

Well, the SA-X would have that desire/instinct to survive while Samus would have the same but to a lesser degree due to panic. I still say it’s luck.