witch character do you like?

  • samus
  • metroid
  • link
  • mario
  • yoshi
  • sonic
  • pokemon
  • or others

0 voters

hi everyone!!

You voted metroid, I voted samus.
Hello, zt.
pokemon isn’t a character.

Archius, I suggest you start posting with more to say than just negatively replying to everything other people say. It makes you come off as a Troll, and this forum has no place for those.

I will try to think of positive comments.

Lilium guess what, I know who you are, what you do for a living and where you live, whithout stalking you! I also suggest you stop suggesting things. Back on topic hi ArceusX.

I suggest you shape up and start being productive/relevant, because Lilium is a mod and can ban you.

And Daz wants to ban you. He’s probably just looking for an excuse.

You can keep that knowledge to yourself. You may think saying that you know about me gives you leverage, but you are mistaken.

He swore at me and Lilium don’t worry i’ll keep that knowledge to myself. What did I do wrong?

First off, it’s which, not witch.

Second, Metroid isn’t a character. They are creatures.