Who's youre favourite hunter from Metroid Prime Hu

Trace pwn joo!!1! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget:

Sylux+ Lockjaw+ loads of ammo+ affinity= PWN3R of the PWN3D

well, i found out this: if you ever have kanden with plenty of ammo, and pik up health regularrly, you can actually be unbeatable. i had 79 ammo with volt driver, and killed a lvl 3 noxus, lvl sylux, and lvl 2 trace 3 times each, then winning the mach by volt driving them all at once coz they got trapped in alinds gateway behind a wall.

i also found that weavil’s turret is not harmed by lava, so i killed loads like that.

and with samus, i can kill 1 level 3 sylux with just power beam, but i need to pick up a bit of health.

sylux is cheap :angry: :angry: he should be banned :angry: :angry:


HAHAHA :smiling_imp:

Kinda old, but anyway. There’s no such thing as unbeatable, but you can get damn close.
Samus + Prime hunter + super missles = nearly unbeatable.
Kanden + charged volt driver + open space = really annoying
Kanden + volt driver + perfect aim = unbeatable
Lockjaw + alt spamming = really annoying
Samus + alt spamming = really annoying
Sylux + shock coil = go into alt form dummy!!!
Dialance + close quarters = get out of the friggin way!!
Noxus + shadow freeze = me disconnecting