Wii Zapper

I just got my Wii Zapper today and its great.

I just had a thought how great a Metroid game would be using the Zapper.

What do you think. :smiley:

Prime 3 does not work with the zapper, and forcing it to fit in would remove some of the best features of the game.

I’d hate to see what would happen if they tried making a new one gruonds-up for it… the Wii lacks buttons already, and losing the grapple control and such would make for quite a boring Metroid.

Grrr… I really wanted MP3 to work with that work of art. Inversing fire/jump buttons doesn’t make things better: you need to hold it sideways, plus you can’t interact with the environment anymore. What a real shame really. Especially as you use the Remote to control your left arm (WTF?!) rather than the nunchuk. It could’ve worked liked that, and switching jumping to Z.