Wiimotion Plus

Greatness or madness?

  • FINALLY! Very useful!
  • Might be cool.
  • Undecided; just waiting to test it out.
  • I doubt it’ll be useful.
  • Failed attempt. Won’t help anything.

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Wiimotion Plus was one of the announcements Nintendo made at E3, and it will supposedly bring 1:1 motion sensing to the Wii. It will come coupled with Wii Sports Resort, as well, which has a sword fighting/fencing game which should test whether or not it will truly be a 1:1 ratio. That particular article lists RTS and FPS as games that would benefit from Wiimotion Plus, but considering they would rely on the sensor bar, I doubt they’ll benefit at all from it… I’m much more excited about 1:1 sword swinging in future Zelda games or other things of that nature, as that kind of game will use the attachment a LOT more than anything requiring the sensor bar.

So… thoughts? Now that 1:1 motion sensing is actually being promised, do you think we’ll finally get it? Or will it just be a let down, maybe making motion sensing slightly more precise or, worse yet, bring no apparent change?

While we’re here, how do you think it works? I don’t know if there’s another accelerometer like that article claims, or if it will be something completely new. It’s possible that it’s something much more complex, especially with everything they’re promising it will do.

!update! (that was fast: According to information here and here, the new peripheral will use gyroscope technology rather than an accelerometer, and it also allows the nunchuck or other peripherals to plug into a port in the back of the wiimotion plus, so developers can freely use both peripherals in making their games.

As far as I can tell, it just uses another gyro. 2 is better than one, so it should be far more precise.

I think it could be pretty cool.

Well, I think it may be good, but then I think of how Nintendo can “Cock Things Up” as Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation would say.

I’ll have to wait and see, but I have high hopes for a Star Wars game where you can honestly feel like you’re wielding a lightsaber. Who knows, maybe The Force Unleashed will hit the nail on the head, even if it doesn’t use Motionplus.

I’ve lost interest in FUWii :frowning:

First they say you only have about 5 preset 'sabre swings, then they announce that there’s no Havok, DMM, or Euphoria in the Wii version.

I don’t think so, ta.

I didn’t hear about the 5 preset swings…LAME!

The only inaccuracies I’ve found with the Wiimote are when there’s too much sunlight or other interference in the room, which produces extra signals and gives the Wii a hard time guessing which two are the sensor bar’s. This can cause the on-screen Wiimote icons to wobble and shake a little while being moved, jump to the wrong side of the screen, or do other random things. It doesn’t look like Wiimotion Plus would do anything about that. Otherwise, I’ve thought non-sensor bar motion was pretty accurate.

Then again, I don’t think Nintendo would do something like this if it wasn’t a significant improvement, so we’ll see.

Well… it’s apparently going to help better keep track of where the wiimote is in 3d space by keeping track of the motions of the wii remote’s motions. Basically just giving more advanced motion sensing than the accelerometers do in cases where the sensor bar isn’t visible to the controller.

Well, another aspect I would assume that Nintendo is considering would be having Motionplus take some of the load off of certain parts in the actual Wiimote, which could relieve some of the problems that Troid mentioned. For Example, the Gyroscope in Motionplus could relieve some of the stress on the Wiimote’s Accelerometer.

I honestly have no idea, really. That just sounds like a good way to fix little problems like the ones Troid mentioned.

Try going on the Wii sports baseball game, and moving your bat around. That’s not 1:1.
What this’ll do is let the Wii know exactly which way round your Wiimote is. Exactly.

red steel 2 might actually be good, not that i played the first one,
but 1:1 swordfighting sounds more appealing than preset moves. i would’ve bought the first one if not for the reviews it got.

attaches 5 WiiMotion Plus’ to each other for SUPER LASER ACCURACY

If they’re going to make it so games use this, it’ll have to be readily available for the crowd. I can imagine them adding a free WiiMP for certain games. And when you own all of these games, you’ll attach 3 WiiMP’s to your controller out of boredom and see what happens.

I can see it now lol. Watches Dragon as Super Wiimote (with three WiiMPs attached) explodes. Continues to watch as Dragon tries to put out his flaming arm

Anyway, yeah, I just hope that more games include one WiiMP other than Wii Sports Resort. Hopefully that way I won’t actually have to buy one without a game included.

i hope it won’t cost more than 10 dollars. accessories are WAY too expensive when it comes to vidya.

PY is kind right there Wiimotionplus is set for 09 but TFU and CW are both coming late 08, however TFUWii WILL have euphoria and Havoc, unless the outsourced developers have “Gonad” working for them (lol ZP reference) and “cock it up,” however I have heard rumors of an alleged “RedSteel 2” coming whenever in 09 and it will have Wiimotionplus support

Has any one thought about what this will do to you’re batterys I mean the wii remotes suck batterys as it is but now just think you’ll have to replace you’re batterys ever 5 hours probibly

No it isn’t.

I easily get 10 hours out of my rechargables, and I have two pairs, so… yeah.

Really? I can pop in a couple of normal AA’s and get 24 hours out of them, easy. Kirkland Brand FTW.

Aye, but these are pretty old guys, not as springy as they used to be :’(

Hmm… So you will have to buy an ugly thingamabob that you put under the remote in order to be able to play newer games as they were intended to be played.

That’s like putting a SD card reader and cameras on the third DS. You will not be able to play new games if you don’t buy it.

That really sucks.