Hi Guys/Gals,

I am new to this forum so please excuse me if I accidently do something wrong.

I recently downloaded the latest demo regarding this project.

I must say that the work that has been done to date is nothing less than awesome. It would be a huge disappointment to see this project fail and not see full fruition!

My question is: Can we somehow get Nintendo to support this title as a WiiWare project?

I am not sure what the process is, but maybe it is worth a try? Especially given that the project looks like it will discontinue.

There is nothing to lose right?

PS - This is really a great game so far!

That…actually sounds like a pretty good idea. I like it, but I don’t know…Nintendo may or may not like the idea…But hey, if it was offered as WiiWare, I’d buy it.

Welcome to the forum, and you may have posted this in the wrong area. Ideas and Comments would’ve been a bit more appropriate, but I suppose it could turn into a progress topic provided Nintendo likes the idea.

… Huh. That’d actually be pretty freaking awesome, but I dunno how likely it is. We’d need access to a Wii devkit and have to remake the engine from scratch to fit it, and get all the resources in a proper format…hell, we might even have to impose color limits and such (suck that, CFX <_<).

Never mind the fact that Ninty probably wouldn’t entrust such a task to a group of random nobodies loosely connected over the internet. We might say we could do it, but they have no reason to believe that.

Awesome Idea, unlikely to come to fruition.

For one thing, it would require CFX coding his engine for the wii, and seeing as he a) has no experience with it, and b) plans to do crap with it later… makes him unlikely to do it. I suppose if he were being payed large amounts of money, but…

Something tells me we’d need a new programmer entirely. >_>

Yes, probably that.
But then it wouldn’t be our project, would it? It’d be nintendo’s goon making an engine, and we sticking our masses of sprites, levels, etc in.

As opposed to now, where it’s another non-affiliated professional programmer doing the engine for us? You seem to forget that he isn’t part of the team.

The only difference is that CFX ain’t with Ninty.

Hmm, true, I suppose.

If we can get a ninty programmer to hang out in IRC, yay.

I’ve thought about it before, but I don’t think it would be worth the work. Plus, Nintendo might notice us for once if we’re trying to, you know, sell our game on their channel. I don’t think they’d approve. They can tolerate us when we’re not making any money and not being that popular, but I think being on WiiWare would be one step too far, for us and for them.

Well… when we finish, why don’t we give it to Nintendo, and let them sell it. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind…I mean, free money! Or, just make it a free WiiWare.
If it were going for money though, they should make it free to those that worked on it…

TL;DR- No, just read it.

Uhm… That seems like a bad idea. Again, I really have no say in what happens around here, hell I hardly even lurk anymore… But that translates to the team giving their hard work to Nintendo to sell, and gaining nothing physical from it. (Except maybe a little experience in the game design field.)

Honestly, this project has been around longer than I have been on the net, which is about four years. Four. Long. Years.
In that time frame:

SCU became the most popular Metroid Fan Site on the Net.
SCU was hacked.
SCU healed.
SCU got hacked again.
SCU shut down its forums and made a “Secret World”/Spam Board.
SCU got a new forum provider.
I ate a sandwich.
SCU lost popularity.
SCU got hacked. Again.
P2D Site was made.
SCU/The Metroid Series lost more and more popularity.
Vladnaka. (I think that’s how it’s spelled.)
P2D site became slightly more famous than SCU, both of which have been featured in a few magazines. (IGN, and if I remember correctly, Nintendo Power.)
SCU died. (Two Years ago, or so.)
P2D membership plateaued.
P2D lost fame and seemed completely dead.
P2D is how it is now.

Truth be told, and this has been said time and time again…
P2D started out as an enthusiastic project, but time went on, school would tear the project apart and we would make little or no progress until summers, but by then those people had aged, and were getting ready to do bigger thing, many went on to college and many just disappeared. Only a small amount of the original team members are still here, and even they don’t have much will power to keep the project going.

I myself have limited programming skills, and no real desire to improve them, my graphic design skills are not too great either, and I have no patience to be a spriter. (Daz, how do you do it?)
The best thing you can do, and this too has been said time and time again, is go out and recruit people from other online communities, people who know this stuff. There are a few forums out there who are dedicated to programmers and crackers and hackers, people who know their stuff. If we could regain enthusiasm about this project we could get it finished.
Look at the progress that has been made, from what I can see, you have all the pieces you need and its just a matter of getting them in place.

As far as I can see, Wiiware would be a good idea if you got the go ahead, and to give it out as free. Or better yet, make a deal (If this is possible.) with Nintendo for a fair share of profits. The only problems with that I see are how we would get the profit to the team members, and divided up fairly, and second; actually getting a deal signed with Nintendo.

I dunno how I missed this topic back in the day it was made.

But anyway, FYI, since CFX is using C, it would not have to be completely recoded to work on a Wii. It would need a few things modified (window-creating system, possibly graphics routines depending on what he used and what the Wii uses), and that should be it.

Psh. School doesn’t do crap to projects, especially not mine. It’s summer vacation that ruins my productivity. :slight_smile:

That’s why we get new team members, then if they get burned out, more. How long has this been in progress, over five years? That’s too much to waste just because some people decided to quit. Working on it must be a pain in the ass, but I would gladly go through all that ass-pain to get this done.

Oh, and WiiWare sounds like a good idea.