will the Fusion Suit be in the game

isnt meta ridley finished?

lol, i meant clown varia suit, this is whether or not the fusion suit will be in the game, we are making this reasonable, not adding a lot of suits that would look cool. er…also…what is a clone varia suit? meh, nevermind, lets just try and keep everything on topic, lol. :smiley:

the clones from starwars episode 2.

…WHAT?! what does the varia suit have to do with the clones from episode two? lol!

ask varis on that one. But i guess a bounty hunter from SW:ep2 would be cool.

i think im just going to kinda drop out of this one…l…crawls under chair

Thats just…wrong.

robocop suit

Slightly worse.

wat about a james bond suit lmao

…No, I meant a clone of the Varia Suit. As in an exact copy. Y’know, like if someone took some of your DNA, and made a copy of you, they’d call it a clone. Clone=Copy.

And if they had a James Bond suit… I would just randomly jump off cliffs and into Phazon. Because I hate James Bond, and I always wanted him to get shot or something… but the bad guys were always freakin’ morons!!!

Seriously, I need to make an evil empire of smart people, JUST in the event that some random spy with the code number 007 comes along, we can kill him.

lmfao. Why do you hate him so much?

…er…actually, the enemies aren’t really that stupid unless they are meant to be a moron, for instance, that guy walking with a gun, not the evil mastermind with an angry pussy…sorry…anyway, does anyone else wonder where this topic is going…?..im thinking it will eventually lead to another forum where we just kinda keep saying which suits would be cool, so im going to drop outa this one for the second time, and hope you guys follow…hides under chair

I’ll join the Evil Empire.

Oh, good. Now the members are three and one half. And I hate him because he WON’T DIE!!!
Although I HAVE gotten the pleasure of walking up behind him and popping him with a hand gun… that’s always fun. And before you ask how, multiplayer on a few James Bond games.

Y’know… a Yoda wielding some kind of giant energy cannon would be interesting… but I’ll save that one for some deranged game I make.


…you mentioned yoda and a cannon, which sounds really odd…which made me think of a chicken launcher…yeah…i lose track of things…

I r T3H Ub3r!
I pwnzzzz U!!!~!!!
U r t3H suxx0rxzzxzxzx
I 000wnnzz u!
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…please…never do that…EVER…again…

ummm wtf was that all about?

lol :smiley: . Ok I’m just trying to say that this has gone far enough. They confirmed secret suits and I’m saying there is no more need for discussion.