wimp detector

alright, here is how this works, every time you shake the snowman, you get a zap from your keyboard (at first you dont notice it), and eventually it zaps you even more, if you make even the slightest move, you are a wimp. remember to keep your finger on the number lock light.


that wasnt funny… or scary if thats what it was meant to be >.>

oh and it didnt shock me either…

thus you are not a wimp…


explain what you were wowing about >.>

the candy barf? the screaming gingerbread man?

The gingerbread man…that was just weird.

Remember, the sound’s on. It’s a little quiet, so you may have to turn your speakers up a bit.

I’d never get things like this if people didn’t explain them.

I generally leave my sound off. About the only times I turn it on is when I play a full-screen game (ie. Starcraft) or want to listen to music.

lol, you were just watching it like “why in the hell is there a ginger bread man on my screen?!..no i dont want to watch again, whats so special about this?!”

yeah, happened to me a few times myself, less it is a popup with the toothy scary woman that is red, that picture scares the hell out of me every fucking time. i think ill post a link to it.

omg that ginger bread man give me a heart attack.

wimp detector going haywire!!! haywire i say!

gave you a heart attack? siriously? lawl’s

The ginger bread man was so noticable. You see them zooming in and you know somethign is going to happen. Try the maze game instead.

For me it was all peaceful and it just screamed so loud i got freaked out :laughing:

lawl peaceful snowman barf…

lol that was cute… cute gingerbread man. i was expecting more dead corpse and less baked cookie but whatever…

yeah, if you piss yourself to this you are cursing yourself minutes later because it was only a gingerbread man, lol, thats what i thought was funny.

lols. yeah…

puts on new pants “damn gingerbread man…” whimpers


that made me jump

im not saying anything i just came up with a random quote… lmao…