Reminds me of everything I’ve ever tried to do in GMod.
Especially the rocket car.

edit: Oh, there WILL be videos.
slightly evil cackle/wtf

Edit again: Yes. Yes it is a win. As a matter of fact, it wins so hard I may not sleep tonight.

Actually, that’s a lie. I’m going to bed right now. But it still wins.

there’s a thing pretty much like this but more “serious” which offers more customization, a video of it was on youtube. an old man drawing on a whiteboard and making science, those who have seen it know what i’m talking about.

it’s not free though, but m?h, i somehow have the full version of it anyway :>

also, phun is made by swedes, therefore: sweden == awesome.

WM2D sucks, Dee. >_>

It’s more customizable, but also much much more glitchy.

mebbe, i get the impression that phun is aimed towards children with all those colors while WM is greyish and adult :smiley:

Nah, I’d rather look at colors than grey. Less colorful doesn’t mean more adult.

Even if it was intended for 8 year olds, that doesn’t stop it from having a better engine >_>


I found out an interesting affect that just plain looks funny sometimes… make a chain, and bind both ends (I forgot what it’s actually called, don’t have the program open <_<) in one spot, and start plopping objects down and stretch the chain out a bunch. Avoid smaller objects, as those can slip through a lot easier. Then, turn off the gravity and have fun watching things fly. You can also let things fall back to the ground by turning the gravity on, but that’s both obvious and not the point.
Also fun to fill up a “bucket” with water, put it in the chain, and then turn off gravity again.

Looks Schweet. Downloading right now. Will comment on it after not sleeping for 12 hours while tinkering with the mechanics of it.

Will comment after nap.

Ok, Phun=Awesome. I’ll play this over Battlefront 2 any day.