Windows 7

I like Windows 7. It is everything that Vista should have been.

Have you tried it?
I’m running Build 7048 as my main OS on my TabletPC. It made my computer like 400% faster (It starts in under 1 minute now. Vista took over five minutes before the RAM was full and the harddrive stopped working it’s ass off).

And it works more like MacOS so it doesn’t feel retarded all the time. but the control panel is just as messy and idiotic as always.

vista was rushed…with windows seven they took vista and fixed all the problems that would have taken a second service pack to fix so really its vista SP2

What’s Windows 7?

It’s the newest version of Windows, which is awesome where Vista sucked.

Syntax, a service pack doesn’t change the GUI and completely turn around inefficient use of resource while bringing in a shitton of awesomeness.
I’m not calling Vista “ME”, but it’s comparable to calling XP “ME service pack 2”

(For the record, I hate what Windows 7 does with the old quick launch bar, but I’ll be using a dock for that anyway, so I don’t care…)

Edit: And… isn’t it coded, like, completely differently? Or at least not based on Vista?

windows 7 is out? since when!?

Beta, dude, beta <_<

The Windows 7 kernel is a refined Windows Vista kernel. I read about it in a magazine before I downloaded it back in early January.

I haven’t been using it much, though, because the main thing I use my desktop computer for is playing City of Heroes, and my 64-bit graphics card drivers actually seem to have toasted my old card when I tried using them on Windows 7 64-bit.

But now I have an 8800 GT, so I’ll have to try again…

Vista couldn’t be rushed. It was like three years late.
Windows 7 is based on Vista. But take away the aero GUI and you couldn’t tell what OS it is. It is nothing like Vista. It doesn’t feel like windows anymore.

And the new media center fucking ROCKS! MythTV and Front Row will be forgotten.

The new doodad at the bottom of the screen feels more like the dock in OS X.
I never thought this day would come, but I really like this Windows version.

There you have it. I like Windows 7 and will use it on my Tablet PC.
I feel like a… well I don’t know. I’m a Mac person who likes Windows. This just feels wrong.

Heh. You’ll get over it, Liks. There’s advantages to both =)

Yeah. I can play the P2D demo and I have tons of anti virus software to choose from. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I guess that there could be things that are positive with Windows too.
I wouldn’t have bought this Tablet PC if Apple could make a Tablet Mac.

I didn’t want to buy an overpriced Axiotron ModBook so I just took a look at what the dark side had to offer. And it had a lot to choose from.

The Tablet came with “Vista pre-installed”. It took me a whole day to get it up and running. The already installed OS needed to be installed and updated. It was slow, half of the software that was bundled with the computer did not work so I just downloaded Windows 7 from the bay of pirates and installed it.

And now I almost feel like a traitor.
But it is Apples fault. Damn you Apple.

i fail to see how its apples fault but welcome to the dark side…or the light side…depends how you want to look at it

windows 7 is also known as windows vienna. I remember seeing a reference to vienna when i looked up vista when it came out.

They could have created a MacTablet. Then I would have bought that instead of this TabletPC. So it is their fault that I like Windows 7.

Well… I have to blame Microsoft a bit too, but I wouldn’t have tested this OS if I had a TabletMac.

Vienna? Like the sausage? :smiley:

I plan on buying a laptop pretty soon. Do you think prices will go up once 7 is released?

i think like the place

also my mum said by the time she got a new computer there’d be a new version of windows


is the win epic?

no, cuz she wont buy one xD

based on that analogy, a new windows will never come to fruition…

Guess we’re stuck with Vista then. Way to go, CMC. :stuck_out_tongue: