Wireless power


'Nuff said. I was thinking about this back in 05, and now I realize… they are actually working on it!

I’m still a bit skeptical (who is to say those ‘receivers’ aren’t batteries), but if it’s true… HOLY CRAP!

Dr. Tesla was a genius…

Huh. That’s pretty fuckin’ awesome o.o Thought about the topic a lot, but I never focused on magnetics too much…

I thought you were talking about wireless networks when I saw this topic…rofl

more on topic: that’s fucking awesome

Wireless power is completely stupid until they come up with a way to focus all the energy directly toward the device that needs it, and even then, that would be counterproductive to the purpose of wireless. It’s simply not feasible. Allow me to illustrate.

By the way, this is old technology. Radio is wireless electricity. It’s merely a very, very small amount of wireless electricity that reaches the receivers. And have you ever heard of a transformer? Those work by insulating two coils of wire from each other and passing a current through one, if I recall correctly… those thingies in the videos are basically a flexible transformer. Heck, even the first comment on the first video says that.

Since you’re not just throwing out power, that example doesn’t quite counter what they’re doing o_O
Although even he admitted it wasn’t the most efficient thing, but the number he stated was more like… 50%? Rather than 5%…

Of course it varies by distance and by whether they put, like, some metal shell around one half of the antenna to reclaim or bounce the energy… 5% was actually an estimation made by counting the pixels of the light blue versus the pixels of the light red in my image. :stuck_out_tongue: In reality, you’d be lucky to get 1% of the power from five feet away.

The relationship is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, just like light and gravity.

Also, the coils create electric fields. They are basically throwing out power in every direction even if it doesn’t LOOK like it.

If it was able to be made effective enough for Wi-Fi and such, I have no doubt it will become effective in this situation as well.

It’s effective enough for wi-fi simply because the wireless signal doesn’t need to be strong for computers to detect them. Actually powering things will require much more juice. (I’m pretty sure the proportional efficiency is the same, though.)

key signs that DeProgrammer has no idea what he’s talking about

  1. thinks magnetic fields are electromagnetic waves
  2. is a christian trying to play science

For your information, the energy loss in a resonant inductor is due to the resistance of the coil, not because the magnetic field flies away or whatever. Which means that its efficiency depends basically entirely on production techniques; there’s not some arbitrary barrier due to distance that you can draw.

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My university physics grades are probably twice as good as yours, Timmeh. Don’t insult Christians. I haven’t been this angry at anyone in at least five years. We may be the one group that will allow you to get away with it unscathed, but it’s not okay.

Technically, everything in the universe interacts with that electromagnetic field…even the air around it. The more power is put through the coil, the more of the field is absorbed by other things.

Really, your main problem with all of this is the fact that you’ll be screwing the living fuck out of pre-existing systems in your house/place/crib. Anything not highly shielded will go frizy in a certain range, irreguardless of frequency.(Feasable frequency, that is. Gamma rays are out of the question here.) So good in several cases (small-scale), but not the best in a larger setting like a whole room or something similar.


And Timmeh, let’s face it. DeProgrammer is right.

DeP, telling him to stop insulting an entire group of people is about as effective as insulting an entire group of people. You’re going to be able to find examples of Christians who know what they’re talking about. He’s going to be able to find examples of Christians who are complete morons. Just like I can find examples of Christians who will do anything BUT leave someone unscathed after insulting Christians in the lightest manner.

The difference is that a single counterexample nullifies a rule. Showing one Christian to be smart proves that not all Christians aren’t, whereas showing one Christian to be an idiot merely proves that not all Christians are smart…not that all are dumb, or bad at science, or whatever. Christians who “will do anything BUT leave someone unscathed” quite likely aren’t real Christians, since Christianity’s favorite ideal is being kind. That said… Thanks for not also insulting me/Christians. :stuck_out_tongue:

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ceph, I don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about, in all honesty
what do gamma rays have to do with this? this is NOT the same thing, or even close to the same thing as a form of power transfer involving electromagnetic radiation. the whole point is that it does NOT affect living matter, or ANYTHING except the targeted resonant coil

Mason, I’m not distinguishing between electromagnetic and magnetic, I’m distinguishing between a field and radiation. This operates through a FIELD. In other words, no energy is put into the air around it, unlike with a light bulb. In fact, there isn’t any conversion between forms of energy. You seem to be suggesting that we have electricity which then flies through the air in the form of an electromagnetic field and hits a coil (hint: no). There’s no work done on anything, and therefore no energy transfer, outside of the two coils. Which means the only possible issue is internal resistance. There might be tiny effects from rotating floating metallic dust particles or something, but it’s not significant. If you used the same device in a vacuum, the exact same principles would apply.

Timmeh is right on resistance and whatnot, DeP is right on the Christian issue.

How about we both shut up and move on. :unamused:

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