Wisdom Teeth

So yeah, I just got my wisdom teeth removed today about 12 hours ago. My jaw doesn’t really hurt, but I credit that to the Vicodin and Ibuprofen I’ve been taking.

Just curious, who has had their wisdom teeth removed, and what was your experience? I’ve been told swelling can happen, but it hasn’t to me. I was given an ice pack to put on my face as soon as I got home to help reduce any potential swelling, so maybe that’s why. :confused:

But yeah, any tips on what to eat or how to handle the newfound holes? I had all four done at once. They knocked me out for the procedure. Any tips in general on what to expect would be lovely.

they’re sore for a week or two, then it’s all better. Eat nothing, drink everything is my advice. after my surgery we went and got malts from an ice cream place. yum.

I only have one wisdom tooth.
I win.

I like my wisdom teeth. I use them to chew because my other teeth have been through so much abuse they’ll disintegrate at any moment now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got mine pulled. Had a few complications that involved swelling and extreme pain.

Made me really want something tough to chew on by time I was allowed to chew again. xD

wisdom teeth suck fucking dirty rotten skunk ass

ALL of mine are EPICALLY impacted AND coming in
my teeth are all misaligned and im in horrid pain 24 mother fuck 7

i swear if i dont get some god damn drugs soon im gunna pull the fucking things out myself with a spoon and a wrench!

Well, I’m proud to say that mine have only been a mild nuisance. I finally gave into temptation, and made myself a couple hot pockets.

…Not the best of ideas. I’m slowly nibbling my way through them because I don’t have full functionality of my jaw yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’m also favoring the right side of my jaw. Don’t really know why, but it’s easier to chew with the right side of my face.

I’ve had one pulled and one sawed in litte bits because there was no room for the fucker. That sucked but the drugs I got was nice. Didn’t feel a thing when they went Texas Chansaw Massacre on the tooth or when they cut open the gums.


Heh, just got mine out two weeks ago. It was my first time being put under and that was an interesting experience. No pain whatsoever though, even after the numbness was gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same thing. xD

When I woke up from the drugs, I didn’t realize what had happened and tried to stand up. Not a good idea. xP

Some nurse ended up having to carry me to a bed lol…

Haha nice Zurg. One nurse was going through everything with me, and when it came time to go, she said “Alright, you stay there. I’ll go get a wheelchair.” I responded by trying to get up and saying through the gauze “No, No, it’s okay. I can stand up.” She promptly put a hand on my chest and reaffirmed her intentions.

So I just sort of sat there with a dumb look on my face while mumbling to myself “I can stand up. I can stand up.”

We got out to my ride, and then it started all over again, with me trying to get out of the wheelchair. Much to my chagrin, I quite literally fell into my dad’s car, right into the passenger seat. It was pretty funny.

Yeah, I was a little loopy. :stuck_out_tongue:

i can walk perfectly after they fuck me up, but I WISH THEY’D FUCK ME UP SOON

heheh CM I love you <3
But yeah…no. I never had any wisdom teeth removed and I agree with DeP…but I did just get 8 fillings without numbing if that makes me fit in any more.

…ooohhhh the pain of having my fucking root drilled…

dentist-"If you are in any pain, tell me"
dentist-"Are you okay?"
me-“Aarghckackhag”=…that hurt
dentist-"okay good"
me-“Akhargakrhakrghrkhargakrhakrghr”=I can’t talk with all these fucking contraptions in my dying mouth
dentist-“Good, your doing great”

my bottom left has now copied my top right and has run into my other teeth x.x

shoot me

Who the hell designed your mouth? They must have been on drugs.

they called him jehovah…

don’t be silly tim, its genetics



some sadistic FUCK thats who

though my friends say im god