woke up too early

hiiiiii peoples, miss me?
college is shitty and has a lot of homework
hell I’ve worked on my photoshop homework everyday the past week and im not even 1/4th done!

but hey, look at it like this, next semester i should be able to come back for awhile…
till that starts getting bogged down with work!

thought I’d drop by and leave some love :3

I like love…

:smiley: Good to see a post from you. Good luck on that HW.

and now my second class was canceled =D

though i wont be spending the whole time on here, so more love for you!

Hey my second class got canceled too!

So I went to the store and bought a G35 7.1 surround sound headset. xD

Wow. Nice Zurg. Don’t you need money for stuff? <_<

Lol kidding, kidding. What classes did you guys have canceled?

3 hour long art class. I’m returning the headset too, it sucks.

Most surround headsets are bollocks, take stuff like that with a few piles of salt.

Key word: Most. Because most are USB (like this one).

The replacement uses optical and a true Dolby Surround box.

Edit: Semi-on-topic I think: What is the topic? xD

The topic is all about the love man… :smiley:

So yeah. About all of that… Thats… topic worthy. Didn’t CMC get a topic locked that way???

That one was significantly more spammy then this one.

Ahah. Ahh, good times. :stuck_out_tongue:

In order to stay on topic though… I love you.

Hey hey! Even though I’ve been more than just a little MIA, I love you guys.

I take two minutes to visit the forum that used to be a sort of family, and I find a topic that appears to fit my situation regarding this place perfectly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m still kicking, and will definitely get back into it around here, it’s just a matter of finishing up this quarter at my community college. I get that done, and I’ll totally be back. :smiley:

See you guys in a couple of weeks! Hopefully sooner!

Go blow your teachers mind for us!

hey look! more free time! =DDD

so yeah, this topic is mostly “ohai, havent been able to get on, but im still alive and still love you” xD

also, my shooping is going well :slight_smile:
my c++ is… well im actually not working on it xD
nor am i working on my flash <_<
this is "free time"
aka lazy time
aka i love you all

AKA we do too. :slight_smile: