World ending tomorrow

I’m sure you guys have heard the May 21st bullshit. I plan on doing the same thing I do every day.

Yeah if it doesn’t end tomorrow, then it will be postponed to Dec. 21, 12. Then probably postponed again. and again. Just so we live in fear.

The world ends every year on October 13th. An exactly identical one replaces it. You’ve never noticed.

I was going to jump off Zurgy’s comment and make a joke about an anime, but then I decided better of it because I doubt that everyone would get it, though I’m sure at least two people here probably figured out what I’m getting at.

more on topic: lolno

someone on the escapist said that there’s a passage in revelations that states something along the lines of “no one can know what the date is” so any religious nutbag who makes that claim hasn’t even read his own fucking book.

Hey, I didn’t know you had an account there.

Well, friend requested.

Anyway, I definitely won’t be surprised when I wake up on the 22nd.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. And yes, Syntax, there are MULTIPLE passages that say not even God the Son knows when he’s coming back, only God the Father.

Basically, if someone says “Rapture on X day” you can know “Rapture not on X day.”

My opinion is that the end of the world will be brought upon by global economic collapse and, subsequently, World War 3 and a nuclear holocaust. This is just my pessimistic attitude towards the current system that most countries have decided to adopt. I mean… just one example… the Federal Reserve Bank? That’s so much bullshit. We’ve basically decided to give sole control of our money supply (because they can just “create” money whenever they damn well please) over to a board consisting of seven people. In addition, the largest economic collapse, the Great Depression, in addition to many other recessions since, have happened during the Fed’s existence, and the Fed exists to lessen stuff like that:

Ron Paul even states that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. Of course, I’m a proponent of the gold standard, as opposed to fiat currency, so I may just be a lunatic. :stuck_out_tongue: There are many other screwed up systems in the various governments as well, but I won’t elaborate here.

Another option that I’m thinking may happen is that with the advent of AI, the computers will realize how truely fucked up humans are and exterminate them from the galaxy, Mass Effect or Matrix style.

If, however, we do thrive and begin to colonize space, etc… I doubt we’ll ever die off. At least not until we’ve exhausted all the available resources in the galaxy or the galaxy’s live cycle comes to an end or we run into aliens with better technology intent on exterminating us.

Hijacking this thread: How do you think the world will end??


Isn’t there a Facebook page for that? I think I remember seeing something like that or hearing about it. Lol.

Yep, right here, and I’m already in it.

Uh oh… I guess only the “true” Christians were… err… actually, nobody was… raptured. Everyone else is fucked.

Well, I was going to go to a Methodist church today, but they were all raptured yesterday.