WoW 1.12

Basically, if you want to try out WoW like it was before TBC, there is an awesome private server out for it called immortalwow. currently there isn’t a high population, but if everyone tells their friends the population will grow, so I’m telling you guys about it. Ever wonder what it’d be like to try the old 40 man instances? Me too.

Ah, World of Warcraft
Playing on private servers
Nostalgic haiku

yes… now join! the server needs people :smiley:

if you join now they’re offering character “transfers” from retail servers. max level you can get with this though is 46

You know, this sounds suspiciously like an advertisement.

I think the term “advertising” implies representing a company that you’re paid to advertise for, not just telling people about something you like and want people to be interested in.


  1. (Business / Marketing) the promotion of goods or services through impersonal media
  2. (Business / Marketing) the business that specializes in creating such publicity

Another place:
advertising: a public promotion of some product or service

So technically, yes, this is an advertisement.

okay the point is you don’t need to lock the topic

Yeah I know. Wasn’t gonna.

Nothing wrong with advertising something which is good. If you guys join the horde side (which I’m currently playing) my name is “throwmoredot”


I don’t know why.

I’ve been looking for a private server to play WoW on, but I’d rather have as close to the full game as possible. (Minus spending four years to get to level 80.)

It only takes a week if you’re super dedicated. But you’ll be playing at least 12 hours a day. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d know.

er, 50, not 5000. whatever

dude 5000 dkp would take so long to earn back. well, i guess it would depend on how your guild did dkp…

yeah since dkp is an entirely arbitrary measure >_>

What is DKP if I must ask? I keep thinking DPS, but I’m not sure.