X Megadragon's Sprite Thread!

The backleg is about as long and high as the body…

Well, i said i wasnt exactly sure about the back lag (due to innadequate screenshots), but your probably right. So far it looks really good. I cant wait to see the final result.

That’s the basic version of MP; unshaded, lineart not final.


I made minor changes to the lineart:

Blue = change.

Edit: linky

Meh, it’s not very accurate though. Prime is shaped alot more like a metroid with a KKK hat on. The back end connecting to the tail is more like a wedge. Though you probably already have, check the link in my thread, it has great pics.


I prefer the ingame actual model to be more better. However, those screens may be helpful when it comes to making Prime’s attacks. Thanks, anyway!

Wait, how do you have the ingame model??? Daz said he had a source, but what does he mean by that. Does it mean he can download the model of the creature into a program for viewing?? Nonetheless, it still looks like prime is leaning to far forward (shouldnt the head be set on top of the body??).

The ingame model shows his head leaning foward quite a bit. I think the head looks okay.

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@Megadragon: Are you still working on prime exo, or has the project been abandonned?? Even if DF/Daz/CFX dont want you working on it, i think it’d be good in the long run to continue it anyway.

Holy hell, I thought this thread would be dead… again. -_-

BTW, the project’s still going. I just kinda stopped for a while because of Twilight Princess and Wii atuffs.

I finished reshading some legs on it, and after the legs are all done I’ll shade the body.

The lineart is finalized, and it’s perfectly accurate when it comes to proportion and the in-game model.

Metroid Prime won’t look like the pose that I’m making right now; this pose I’m making is just Metroid Prime standing straight and still. The ingame one will have Prime in a battle-ready kinda pose.

I’ll post progress later.

EDIT: Now is later.

looking pretty nice, what about her face?

Heh… I’ll get ter work on that. :smiley:

I’ve just been wondering about the bulk of the legs. It really doesnt look like prime yet, because I’m not sure where everything will go. I cant really say much till the body is started.