X Megadragon's Sprite Thread!

Wow, long time no see, my sprite thread. <3

It’s been a long time since I last sprited something proper, lawl.

Here’s my newest work:

Yeah, pretty… horrible. I need to catch up. :astonished:


EDIT: BTW, that’s an Alpha Pirate. It’s a common enemy. There’s other types of Pirates that I made up, too; they’re Beta, Gamma, Zeta, Delta and Epsilon Pirates. (They’re not in order, so what. :astonished:)

Deltas are minibosses, and the Epsilon Pirate is the boss of the first dungeon in my fangame.


More Contrast.

It doesn’t look like a pirate.

Yeah. I think you’re experiencing a temporary fall off, because that really doesn’t compare to your previous works.

Just saying, isn’t Alpha pirate sort of bad cliche?

Sorry, i’m coming off mean. I’m irritated at the moment.

Um, there already is an alpha pirate in the games… >_>

It’s the Phazon Elite’s true name, remember?

Heh, never knew that. Guess I should’ve read more Pirate Logs. :astonished:

And it’s definitely not your ordinary pirate, because it’s pure machine. It’s a robot, basically; so “it doesn’t look like a pirate” really makes no sense. I made this thing up, so it really can’t be inaccurate unless you can read my thoughts. :astonished:

I’ll fix the shading and add legs.

imo- red needs more contrast

Somewhat fixed:

amazing what 1 shade can do!! =]

Now I have to do the legs; which I think are the hardest part. :astonished:

I suck at walking animations. Well, I never really did one before, so who knows… I’ll give it a shot. Don’t kill me if it looks horribly deformed.

EDIT: Very basic poses. No shading, and temporary feet.

i dont like the legs. they look a bit too small, but the whole sprite looks really chibi at the moment too… was it intended to look that way?

They may look small for P2D, but my Samus sprite is about as tall as the Pirate.

If it looks Chibi, should I make the head smaller by 1 pixel all around?

Making the legs thicker and/or longer may also work. (Doesn’t matter if Pirates are a little taller than Samus, does it? >_>)

It looks like its leg slices in half and one half slides backwards when it goes into its pushing a block pose. Er… Attacking pose.

Yeah, I guess it doesnt matter how it looks. >_<

Yeah, but I think the style looks too cartoony (which contributes to the chibi look, but if you werent trying to imitate P2d’s style nevermind). The outline is a little too thick, which makes it look flat.

Oh, and yeah, making the legs thicker, mabye longer would help.

Thick? o_o It’s 1 pixel large…

Do you mean I should make the outline lighter?

Yeah, sort of. The outline should be one shade darker than the color it outlines (as a general rule.

I made a random, smaller P2D door. Use it for whatever reason, whenever you want. <_<

I’m working on a Dinosaur boss sprite for an upcoming Stencyl RPG.

Aside from the pillow shading on the head which I am already aware of, is there any critique? (especially about the lineart)

New update here. The whole body, aside from the arms and legs, is complete.

I really like how I did the shadows behind the arms and legs onto the stomach. Making the shadow lighter according to skin color makes it much more realistic than one color.

The dinosaur looks ridiculously smooth for a reptile, however. I’m not sure how I can get around that.

The shadow actually adds to the flatness of your pillow-shaded body. Also, the head just looks strange. Otherwise, the line art is definitely good, but your perspective also seems a bit off (not much!), mainly on the head.

Seriously gotta fix the legs.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

your pillow is suffocating me!! AHH!

actually, the only main pillow problem is with head/neck