No one looks anything like I imagined.


yeah its the bright background xD


that always happens xD
…the one closest to how I thought they would look is Tim >_>


Looking a bit less evil than on that collab :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s 10:35, I’m tired as sh*t because we had band practice for 4 hours (of drumming for me) So I’ll get something up tomorrow mornin’. @CMC Looks like ur avatar. +5 Awesome.


Locks of Love.

Two years!



Those might be too big… Those are probably too big. They might not even display. I don’t know, hopefully I’ve fixed all issues by the time anyone sees this. xD

Edit: Those were definitely too big. Fixing.

EditX2: Fixed. And btw, top-to-bottom is chronological order.


Yep, thats it.
No one look anything like I imagined, in my book anyway. Well…
…that’s cuz I never really imagined anyone other than like a few of you…
And atm I imagine Ashes to look like the guy in his Avatar @_@ idk why


that would pwn xD


timmehboy wins hottest P2D member award.


HAHAHAH I’m NOT Jane from Firefly (ever seen that show? GOOGLE IT!!!) Naw, Here’s me.
LOLO. Again, more recently.
Also, link to my Facebook!


Own the show. Watched through it twice.


High Fives Phlake Yes.


Well. This sucks. I have no new images of me online.

I’m a drunken monkey on that photo. Will have to take a new one where you all can see my cool scars in the face. Kinda like Scarface, but much cooler.


I smellz Photoshopz


you have been added on facebook :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been waiting to see that. You didn’t show up at my grandparents’ house yet! D:

And I added you too, Under the Ashes. Here’s my FB for all who care.


I don’t… Pff. TCH. There, take it. XD

Edit: Ah yeah, and here, take this! That one I really don’t mind giving out. xP


Sabre, Rundas, Timmeh, Got all of you. :slight_smile: yays. I’m the stupidest looking piece of crap ever.


"God had to let sin into the world, because we needed a choice. We needed a choice to love him without him making us love him. That is true love"
Just so you know that’s like 5 fallacies in one <.<

But! You look fine. Sexy, even, though a bit young. It’s okay though, we were all 15 once.

Wait… are you master cheif?