Just means I’ll age better than you >:)

  1. Be a member of P2D
  2. Dye your hair purple and orange
  3. ???
  4. Profit




I don’t get it.


Sorry for bumping, but I think this topic should be pinned…


Why did you pick the fat pictures? :stuck_out_tongue:


Because I am fat.


ITT: Simple question, simple answer.


Okay, I could swear I’ve seen you before. You don’t happen to live in Austin/be famous/look like someone famous, do you?

Also, I’d post a picture, but all of them are either too old or look terrible.


Well, I found a good one. Here’s me from the back-

Also, are we all white males?


Sounds like Congress.


I know you have good pictures though… I took them myself.


Here actually, I found one you look normal in. It’s only 2 years old.


I don’t think I need to post a pic of me in here, because pretty much everyone that frequents is my friend on FB. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, you know each other, that makes sense. I was seriously doubting a new user to randomly show up out of nowhere.


I actually knew that for once before it was blatantly said.


I was doing alright piecing it together, but I was still kind of like, “Do they just talk to each other in PM’s a bunch or something?” It took a while for it to register.

I would post a picture of myself, but there’s a couple problems there. 1: Only pics that exist of me are with long hair, which I no longer have, and 2: I have no camera on me whenever this thread pops up again, and my cell phone’s resolution looks like it came direct from 1995.

Also, I’m filling the “90’s technology reference” quota this week.


It’s quite simple really, just recreate an exact picture of yourself pixel by pixel in MS Paint.


No, I live in Quebec/am not famous/and may or may not look like someone famous.

My face looks a bit distorted…the DSi makes pictures look weird, distortion or no distortion. I like the one of me juggling the Trippy ball in the air, becuz I don’t look fat in that one, despite popular opinion.


It’s called barrel distortion.…stortion_01.htm


I learned something new today. Thanks Liks.


This is a photo I took tonight. I look pretty sexy 'n shit but still I remain cool and awesome as only a real diehard Liksmaskare can.
That damn front camera on the iPhone distorts the image but I was too lazy to use my DSLR.

It’s easier when I can just look at the phone display and see that I’m in the right place before I shoot,

Come on and post more photos!