Me and a puppet I was making for that thing I posted a while ago.

And me as a goofy looking fifth grader (middle of the third row)-

Wow, that was a really long time ago. And maybe three of those people moved, the rest I still see all the time.


Ms. Frick, I lol’d



You know how Scrubs and a bunch of other people starting using frick as a euphemism? WE ALL DID IT FIRST.



Would be a trademark, actually. :neutral_face:


I don’t know what you’re talking about…

My post says trademark…




Doesn’t look like it to me :wink:





Zurg, was your post supposed to have any content whatsoever?


Anyway, back on topic, I found an almost decent picture that isn’t me from the back or obscured. I was talking, by the way, I don’t just make that face naturally-

Also, note my dog’s paw and tail in the bottom right-


Do you really think it’s a good idea to have your PVR on it’s side?


Hasn’t broken yet, so it’s cool for now.

And it’s not like you put discs in it or anything.


This was taken on Saturday, at my bands concert. My facial expression is kinda weird I guess, but I’m playing, so I usually have a much more intense look on my face.


High five for the weird expression trend-

Whoever breaks the combo will be shot.


Does it make me awesome if I just slapped my computer monitor?


Holy crap, that is one big hand.


Figured I’d add to the topic…




Phlakes, are you sitting on your dog?!


I stared at it for a while… I honestly don’t see how it could look like he’s sitting on the dog.