Yeah, that’s a pillow right behind me. The dogs blend in really well, sometimes we don’t see the younger one when she jumps on the couch.


It took a rather long double-take for me to realize that he wasn’t sitting on his dog, I’m fairly ashamed to admit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me over the course of one year!

Edit! Much better!


No more photos?


The actual photo is really blurry but I went as a hipster to my hipster art school’s Halloween party, and managed to get an obligatory art school hipster Polaroid, (un)fortunately the mustache isn’t real.

Also relevant

Also also-

  1. It’s super weird to see a post that I made three years ago just sitting there
  2. Holy shit I’ve been here for over six years now


Ha ha! :smiley:
That’s awesome!