your an NPC in a game and have only one line

mine would probably be “do a barrel roll…aw fuck it your not gonna listen to me, just go get yourself killed you idiot”

“I’m sorry, but our princess is in another castle! Nah, I’m just messin’ with ya, she’s right over there.”

This seems like a really weird and random topic, btw. Just thought I’d say that about this topic.

But it’s funny, that’s for sure.

“Day-old bread! Only ten cents!”


Mountains’re nice.

Crap. You took my line.

“All your base are belong to us.” Could work for me.

Ever had man flesh? It’s reeeeaaaal good.

“thats what your mom said!”

FRESH FISH! We catch 'em, you buy 'em!!

…although I’d have to be significantly more burly for that line to work out right.

“Why are you sitting here and staring at this text!? Go kill some monsters, nub.”

"Have you ever heard of the decadent Asian dish called Muchafufasa? It’s Chinese food in the form of an undercircumcized bunny-dragon with poor virtues but a strong enough motto that its virtues don’t matter. That motto is: ‘Goggulugatcha, Muchafufasa!’ "

Shiny, Lets be bad guys. (as a companion to the main character)

Your system has been infested with 200 trojans, spyware, and untraceable contaminations. On another note, would you like a cookie?

That line’s been bugging me for a while. What the heck is it talking about? Who’s the guy in the av? What’s so shiny? >_>

If I were to guess, I’d say Shiny is someone’s nickname, and…

So that’s his name, and what he’s in/from. xP

Ah, a valid assumption. I was confused about that post as well because I assumed Jane would be, you know… a woman. >_>

It’s actually Jayne >_>

“Shiny” is used as an expression, like “okay”, “alright”, or “awesome”. And I think they’re about to rob something if I can remember correctly.

“That what she said”