Your fave Ridley

Which Ridley rips most ass?!

  • Metroid
  • Super Metroid
  • Metroid Fusion
  • Metroid Zero Mission
  • Metroid Prime
  • Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

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Thats quite hard, actually… Ridley kicking your butt big time in SM, and Meta Ridley in MP, and MP3… I don’t have it yet :laughing: Go on, make fun of me.

But srsly, MP3 Meta ridley. Lety us fall down a biiiiig tunnel, and -FIGHT-!

I assume MP3 means the one on the pirate homeworld?

They’re the same one…

GTFU? Get the fuck you? or Get the fuck up?

Zero mission Ridley. It’s the only one that feels credible to me other than prime meta ridley. I find myself unable to associate MP3’s meta ridley with the new space pirates. They just don’t feel like the old pirates. >_>

Hmmm…I think it’s Go To F*** Off, but I have no idea.

Prime Meta Ridley. As Red said, MP3 Meta Ridley just didn’t feel credible. Besides, he looked like Zero Mission Ridley in 3D format. Nothing Meta About Him.

i thought it was get the fuck out.

You mean because they actually look like how the space pirates used to?

Well, the Pirates seemed credible (this is entirely my own opinion, btw), but Meta Ridley (the first battle with him in MP3) just looked too Zero Mission-ish. Other than that, I have no real complaints with the space pirates.

I meant Meta ridley, the battle was original!
And for GTFU, I meant get the F***ing unregistered.
No, t’was a misspelling of GTFO.

…but they don’t really. The pirates from MP2 looked more like the pirates from Super metroid. They’re armor plated with scythes, while the MP3 ones are more organic looking, and don’t have beaks or anything.

But that’s not what bothers me. They just didn’t do a good job of making them feel like the pirates from MP1/2/SM. They’re too DRAMATIZED, to make them a more credible and fearsome enemy. Their logs and technology didn’t feel “space pirateish” at all. They didn’t feel ragtag enough, and felt to much like the luminoth or chozo, especially on their home planet. The acid rain made it worse, like they were trying to hard to make them “look” like bad guys.
The logs in MP1 made the space pirates feel really interesting, like there was alot more to learn about them. They actually had depth. In MP3, they just have a “angry agressive killers” tag slapped on them.

Oh, and I DESPIZE the new commando designs.

And my point was that he said “GTFU”, not “GTFO”. I wasn’t sure whether it was intentional or not.

SM’s didn’t have beaks or scythes. MP3’s are the only ones with dual lobster-claws, and they have the … er… band things on the arms. The little ‘muscle’-looking things from SM-style pirates. MP2’s had crazy ‘wings’ on their shoulders, beaks, pope hats, hearts, lacked the 'muscle’s, lacked the second claw, and such. MP3’s (aside from a few varieties) are also the only 3D ones to have a rounded profile, without crazy spikes or rings or shoulder pads–again, like the SM-style ones. MP3’s are also the only ones to have giant oval red eyes as opposed to tiny round ones (though they get tiny round eye-like holes anyway to add continuity with MP2’s).

MP3’s finally fix the continuity between Prime 1 and 2, while harkening massively back to the classic ones as well.

That’d largely be because they were being masterminded by Dark Samus,
as opposed to Pirate leadership. And how can they feel ragtag when they’re on their home planet?

For that matter, when have they EVER been ragtag aside from Echoes? Super’s put them in control of the entirety of Zebes…

Which… they are.

Besides, the acid rain does a nice job of showing how they have no regard for even their own nature.

Again, in MP1, they were actually under their own volition. In 3, any that didn’t follow DS’s orders were killed. How could they act like themselves?

Their heads look absolutely ridiculous. >_>

Though the rest of them is pretty cool, especially with having dual clawguns.

But they don’t look more like SM’s.

MP2’s have a lobster claw and a scythe, and I don’t recall ANY of the pirates in MP3 having natural scythes. Mp2’s looked more similar as they had grey plating with red/purple under flesh, as you can see in both designs. MP3’s have 6 eyes if I’m not mistaken, and weird ass heads that seemed like a ploy to make them look intimidating. MP2’s had beaks, which SM’s did have if you look closely, as well as the same color eyes.

In my opinion, MP2’s are a far more accurate re-imaging of SM’s pirates.

Meh, I’ll give you the dark samus control thing, but it ruined alot of the pirate elements for me anyway.

But when I say ragtag, I mean the pirates always seemed to have “sloppy” technology. I was very happy about the pirate boarding craft, since they represented this well, but the structures on the pirate homeworld make them feel to “cultural”. It looked WAY to similar to stuff I rememberon Aether. Metal in general used on the planet didn’t feel too space piratey, though that could be due to different materials. Anyway, the design’s as a whole didn’t bring “pirates” to mind.

But the acid rain looked like orange neon raining from the sky. I guess it was more to add to the feel of the game, but I was expecting something more subtle for the space pirate home planet. After all, the pirates are relatively…subtle.

Even the idea of pirate space fleets felt a little un pirate like. What they did to the valhalla seemed more their style, but direct attacks didn’t seem realistic.

But then again, they were under DS’s control, so I’ll let that slide.

Meh, touche.

I thought the dual clawguns made them look clumsy.The design from MP2 was so much more…metroid, and made them feel more like…hunters.

MP2’s have crazy armor and spikes and shit everywhere. SM’s have none of that.

MP3’s have two eyes shaped, colored, and placed almost exactly like in SM. MP2’s are tiny and misplaced. And they have the same red flesh under the armor as in SM, far more accurately placed than in MP2.

SM’s DO NOT HAVE BEAKS. OR SCYTHES. And Prime 3’s scythes were dual-bladed, so when they were out, they looked exactly like SM’s dual-clawed pirates.

PLEASE tell me that’s a joke.

And MP3 has a pirate variety that looks 99.9% identical to MP2’s, complete with the ridiculous helmet, the ‘fin’ behind the head, the shoulder spikes, the heart on the outside of their chest, and all the other details not present in Super’s design.

Also note this:

See what I mean about the arms? MP2’s on the other hand are completely different. Never mind all the other changes.

Nobody likes Metroid 1’s Ridley.

Super Metroid’s Ridley isn’t that interesting. It’s the base idea of all future Ridleys and was a huge leap from M1’s, but it’s pretty plain compared to others.

Fusion’s Ridley was cool, I thought, mostly just because of the way it was presented. Curious, courageous players get to see its frozen corpse in the beginning of the game, and the scene later in the game right after the station’s power goes off was neat as well. The battle was fun, too, with all the loud screams and massive damage it takes. This was one of the ones I voted.

Zero Mission’s is a lot like SM’s for me, but a little more cartoony I guess. >_>

I also voted for Prime’s. The battle is original and this Ridley has a lot of personality shown. More than just a screaming monster anyway. If Meta Ridley were to smirk while preparing his ram attack, I would totally get shivers. And it’s moments like MR flying by over Phendrana’s valleys and caves that make Metroid Prime so memorable.

Metroid Prime 3’s Ridley is okay. The in-game moment on Norion when he suddenly flies directly over you is absolutely incredibly awesomely amazing, especially watching him go around zapping the station in the distance. That’s the best Ridley moment in the game in my opinion, as up close his model is much too rubbery. All other meetings with him in the game are pretty lame, especially the last one, so MP3’s doesn’t get my vote. Close, but Omegley totally ruined it.

I disagree about almost every single point yuo have there. >_>

SM’s is notable for being ungodly hard, as one of the few challenges in Super and the only hard classic-style Ridley…

Prime’s was cool, sure, but god, the second form was long and boring. “Sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, sidestep” until he finally opens his mouth, shoot a few times, then repeat as he starts dashing nonstop again.

And it didn’t help that the first form is nearly impossible to take damage on unless you get unlucky in your placement when he does a bombing run…

ZM’s isn’t even remotely like SM’s. Remember the time you walked underneath him in ZM and got hit?

Of course not. It can’t happen. Ever. If you stay directly underneath his body, he will ever, ever hit you. And he moves slowly enough that there’s no challenge in staying there. That is pathetic.

Fusion’s looked great, was sorta kinda hard enough to be fun, and had, as you note, a great atmosphere and buildup–


I can barely fight him with my volume on.

And Omega Ridley is probably my favorite of all time, on account of being Meta Ridley but less boring and harder, with a really kickass intro scene. >_>

Super Metroid’s ridley only takes 30 Super Missiles, or 20 charged plasma shots. If you want a REAL challenge, try facing him without Varia or Gravity.

I don’t know why everyone complains about Super Metroid being easy… ALL metroid games are pathetically easy if you play them normally. If you’re looking for a challenge, try a minimalist run, or, yeah, a suitless run. (Fun!)

Ew… yeah right. Once you get past the cartoony-ness, he’s still… blue. wtf. <_<

It makes them feel “re-imagined”.

MP3’s have 6 eyes, that are Red, not yellow. Sure their flesh is a little more accurate, but their color scheme isn’t as close.

But they do have beaks.

Tell me that’s not a beak, because it is.

And MP3’s have weird ass looking teeth anyway that doesn’t look anything like that anyway.

When I say subtle, I mean that they’ve NEVER been portrayed as the type to build extravagant structures just for the hell of it. They feel too much like a race, as opposed to pirates. But their home planet features luminoth esque designs that dont feel MP1 or MP2 piratey at all.

I’m unaware of this MP2 simialr variety, but I’ll take your word for it.

Sure the arms are similar, but that art doesn’t match the SM pirates ingame either. MP3’s are technically a re-imagining in that sense, because they seem to take certain qualities from certain pirates.

But I’d still say MP2 are a better interpretation of the pirates in general.

I’m pretty sure those dots are not eyes. The big red things on top of their heads are the eyes. I thought the same as you at first, but through careful examination of all of their models (and come on, you know me and pirates–I study the hell out of them!), I’ve come to the conclusion that those are just indentations on their helmets. >_>

They do not have beaks in SM. End of story. The art shows no mouth at all, and the manga (whose designs are almost exactly the same as Super’s manual’s) shows them with almost fish-like mouths. The sprites kind of look like it, maybe, but seeing as they never open any sort of mouth ingame, and the art back then (usually) took precedence over the sprites due to their inability to show details, I think it’s pretty clear they never had beaks until Fusion. >_>

How can you be unaware of the Armored varieties? They’re the most common variation, and Troopers, Militia, and Aerotroopers can all be equipped with it. They’re everywhere.

I still don’t get how you can say that MP2’s are a “better reimagining” when they have even more variances from Super’s than even the most unique of Corruption’s, though. You’re right that 3’s aren’t identical–but 2’s aren’t even close either.

But this is all horribly off topic, so can we just move on already?

I never get there with anywhere near 30 super missiles, and tend to have so few energy tanks that I have a HELL of a time with him, as I tend to rush through the game and rarely explore to find new items.

Despite this, Ridley’s the only thing that ever kills me. Or even comes close.

Thanks for assuming my motives there. All I said was that he was harder than the rest of the game, making him stand out. But I really appreciate you telling me that I was complaining about it being too easy.

What’s wrong with blue? It’s a good color…

And I meant his actual design. He looks all mutated and evil and I like it. >_>

Meh, I still think those look far more like eyes than the red things, but I’ll leave that at opinion.

I’m pretty sure they have beaks in fuzion BECAUSE the ones in SM had beaks, however questionable to interpretation. It looks like a beak to me, and it would explain why Fusions AND MP2’s have beaks as well.

But if you say so.

I never got a good look at them, but they didn’t look like MP2’s to me. The armored troopers had weird dark green armor or something. If you could post a picture or something, that’d be nice. I’m starting to wish I had taken some screenshots.

Meh, if you say so.

Yeah, It took me a second to find what topic this conversation was in because I didn’t think it’d be in the ridley topic.

This is what I thought. I couldn’t and still cant see any good reason for him to be blue.