Your fave Ridley

So did I.

Then I noticed that external helmets tended to cover those, leaving the big ones covered by visors. I also noticed that when they face you, those orange ones look just like giant eyes looking at you, while the six tiny ones would ‘look’ off in weird directions.

Plus the fact that, again, the orange ones are very similar to Super’s design, like the rest of the new pirate. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you’re thinking of… er… Advanced, I believe. Or maybe Assault. One of those has dark green tentacle-y armor. Armored ones have neck-brace pentagons, pointy hats, heart-things on their chest armor, shoulder spikes, and upper leg armor, all of which is nearly identical to in Echoes. The only differences are that the heart is blue, not red, they have teeth instead of beaks, and their scythes are replaced by retractable claws looking identical to Super’s claws.

Look at Fusion’s art. Huge, highly visible beaks.

Now look at Super’s, which again have either no mouth at all or a fish-mouth. >_>

The sprites may be similar, but the art, which is what tends to be considered ‘canon’ in spritegames, is not.

Blue is pretty. >_>

But either way, at least he isn’t that ugly brownish-pink color he had in Super and Zero…

Oh, and by the way, look closer at Super’s sprites–their arms are actually very similar to the art (and Corruption’s).

You just happened to pick sprites of the Grey ones, where it’s much harder to see.

He’s purple in Super.

And purple > blue. Especially on dragon-like creatures.

But it’s an ugly purple that turns into a pinkish-brown as you shoot him. Plus he looks really, really flat.

I didn’t realize my post had “points”. I was just stating somewhat-thoughtful opinion after somewhat-thoughtful opinion. <_<

Edit: I can see where you’re coming from with all of that, though.

Not any more than anything else in the game. It is 2d. So is fusion, so why does the fusion ridley always look halfway between Samus and the player? Nothing else in the game faces anywhere besides left/right… (Or up/down)

Of course no more than the rest of the game. It all looks horribly flat. Fusion and Zero’s sprites at least had depth.

Ridley is just the worst offender IMO because even his limbs all seem to be on the same plane–he looks like a vaguely textured plywood cutout, while the rest just looks a little bit squished.

I see what you mean, but you’re exaggerating a bit. <_<

Not by much. Look at how his limbs overlap, how completely neutral his entire pose is… He doesn’t feel menacing or real in the least. He’s just a paper-thin sitting dragon hovering around with miniscule wings and an overly segmented tail (though admittedly, even Fusion’s had those two problems).

Fuzions was actually pretty menacing, but it was the look of absolute deranged madness on his face. He just looked like someone to be afraid of, not to mention the high pitched HEE HAW, every other second. He looked sorta amusing with the big head and small wings, but still more intimidating than any other 2d ridley.

I chalk it more up to his pose. The long, grasping, lanky arms, and the tail actaully looking natural instead of the segments all being balls…

But yeah, his face is pretty deranged.

HATE his voice, though.


My first would be Omega ridley, who is the biggest, most vicious, and most likely to get in your face of all the ridley’s, and unlike MP1 meta ridley he doesn’t suck when on the ground.

I like him best when he has his phaazite armor, then he looks his coolest.

Second would be MP1 and MP3 meta ridley.

Then Zero mission ridley.

Then Mecha ridley

Then Super metroid ridley.

Then the original ridley.

Then at the bottom is that abomination known as Ridley X. He looks and sounds like he ate 5000 tons of cheese. Even though zero mission ridley shares his roar, he doesn’t use it as much. Oh and his wings are way way too small compared to his body. He’s just an all around cruddy ridley.

I like Meta-ridley from MP3, if only for the fact he swoops past you on Norion.

…its been so long… :smiley:>

Anyways, i think omega ridley is a pain in the ass when he flys around,but hes pretty easy.