Your name

That’s one ugleh face there Tim.

>_> sure now it fucking works

this is my full name into a face

…you look generic.


And you look Fugly. :stuck_out_tongue:

My name was derived from the game “Timesplitters” Sgt. Cortez is the hero.

as for faces

My name: Michael Hubert

Sgt. Cortez

The Meat (other username)

I may look generic but my real names face is the least fugly of all the ones posted here >_>

i love timespilters
i want more xD

I look like I’m from the south.

Not surprising, really, my username is liquid shit anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

My real name looks awesome. :smiley:

zurginator looks funny

the name of the main character from an anime looks frigging stupid

his pseudonym looks even funnier

Mah real name is better looking:

Dazuro is the result of a long, complicated screwup involving robot ninjas and and Ganondorf. No joke.

Arken’s a corruption of “archon”. I don’t use it here, but that’s my main handle in games and stuff lately. Hell, when people start calling me “Daz” IRL, it lost its punch as a gaming nickname, so I needed something new. >_> And hey, Protoss Archons are awesome.

(It’s Dazuro Arken Ghenari in full, for the record. Though I don’t think I’ve ever gone by that anywhere.)

… I have no fucking idea where Ghenari came from. I just wanted some cool ninja-sounding last name, and went with something else (Gonora or something?) until it was pointed out to me how much it sounded like gonnorhea. Then I changed it. :3

Lksmaskaren (Swedish) = The Corpse Muncher (English)
Since I usually eat dead animals I tried to use that after 45 minutes of searching for names that weren’t taken on Xbox Live.

My Real name is Andr?as Johannes S?derberg.


Andr?as Johannes S?derberg

Your real name looks very nice, Liks.

im curious…
how do you pronounce your screen name, liks?

Go to this page and type Liksmaskaren in the big blue box.

Make sure that the voice is “Svenska - Erik”.
The site seems to be able to speak pretty good swedish. But only like they speak in our capital, Stockholm.
Take manly swedish that we speak in the northern half of the country, throw in a little homo in there and you have their dialect. It’s like how the rednecks speak in Hollywood movies. It sounds like shit if it is your native language.

lol ‘throw in a little homo’

so you think stockholm people speak worse than other swedes?

ok, so my speakers crackle alot, but from what i heard its pronounced like what i thought
though maybe once i get rid of that crackling it’ll sound way different xD

Yes. They sound like homos when they speak. It’s not their fault though. It is just their dialect that homofies them.