Zune HD

So after looking around, I’ve gotta say quite frankly I’m impressed with it.

For those that don’t know, it’s effectively a smaller iPod Touch with HD radio, HD video output, a better screen, better UI (Who would have thought considering it’s MS), and a much faster processor (8 cores in a mobile device :O_O:)

Looks sick, and I gotta say I’m actually considering buying one.


no wait that’s sune

Does it need a stupid program that let’s you only connect 1 device to it because any other devices must be erased and overwritten with the same files that are on the other device? Do you have to create 3 copies of the same damn file just to listen/watch them on the device? Does the manufacturer of the device provide anal customer service that royally screws you over? If no to all of these, then go for it!

As far as I know that’s only an issue with the iPod like. :laughing:

I’m saying this because I got screwed over by apple. I bought a 4th gen nano at wal-mart, and noticed that the screen was fucked up. I tried to return it but wal-mart claimed there was a policy against returning electronic devices. I had to return it to the apple store. Apple store said that to exchange it for a brand new ipod, I had to have bought it at the Apple store. I had to exchange it for a used ipod, two days after paying 180$ for a brand new one. I grudgingly had to exchange it. The next issue I noticed is that you can’t have more than 1 ipod per itunes software. I tried plugging in my previous ipod(shuffle 2nd gen) and itunes told me I had to delete all the content and fill it with all the content on my itunes account. Basically I could 100 ipods, and they would all have the same files on them. Lastly, I noticed how much space itunes was taking. To copy a cd to itunes, it makes copies in a mydocuments folder, makes a second set of converted versions for itunes to read from, and finally uploads another set of copies onto your ipod. This is what you get: Copies on the disc itself, Copies of the disc’s files on your harddrive, converted copies of the hardrive copies, and finally copies of the converted copies of the copies on the harddrive placed on your ipod. Good grief!

I know, my sis has one. They also charge you like $150 to replace a battery.

From what I have seen, you can literally just copy any mp3 or aac file directly to the Zune HD, or if you don’t want to bother, just download them directly onto it from it’s browser.

Now I just need an MP3 of this to put on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XjnOsY7q60

i can rip that for you if you can wait a day.

Hell yes :smiley:

Just don’t get the people at the end in it. xD

Wow. I will probably never see one of those in IRL. Ever.

Do you think Microsoft will sell their MP3 player outside of the US this time?
The old brown model never found it’s way out of there.


Just get the new nano, and dont use a PC and you’ll never have to have problems. Also, buy everything from the Apple store, not freaking walmart.

fixed =D

remember, never used fail with win or it’ll become epic fail ;D

The old brown model was a fail.

Seriously though, if 3rd party devs catch on (ima see if I can find the dev kit), than I think this thing could make a major dent in Apple’s market share.

They will have to create a working online store with more than music, a new DRM protection for the music so you can play wherever you want, a new Zune, that doesn’t look lke something from the 80’s and they will have to sell it all over the world.

But they must do it in some way that does not steal customers from Windows mobile and the windows mobile inlone store.

Check, check, check and check. Did you even look at the pic I posted? That thing is hot.

Oh, it runs on XNA, so that’s nice for those that know it.

Yes. I’ve read about that Zune HD for months in swedish computer magazines.

it runs on XNA? does that mean people will be able to make apps and games for the thing using XNA?

Yep. :smiley: