Zurg, lock this topic!

Okay, I bet I can get 5 replies on this one this time, Zurg, I bet we can do it!

Reply, you lurkers!!


Um. 'kay =D

sure, why not


Why doesn’t anyone her horns?

I’ve always wanted a good excuse to say that :smiley:

We got this, you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


Am I not allowed sleep? Geeze! :angry:

Apparently not.

And hey, it’s only 10:00 on the west coast, so I am well in my right to stay awake at this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

well i think we won

Yeah well I’m east coast…

as am i, and im in class right now! xD

YES!!! VICTORY!!! Take that Zurg, you and your sleeping!

Daniel Freaking Guest.

Yep. I called him in. For backup.

ZOMEM-G-GORZ!!! danny is here??? :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O:

(it’s Dmitri, from your geography class)