An actual Skyrim topic


The only time I ran into bugs was when I saved and started fucking about with the console commands because spawning 10 dragons on top of an NPC’s head is fucking hysterical.


10? Why not 100? Muwahahahaha.


why not 100,000,000?


Because I’m already on thin ice with my processor and I don’t want to test my luck.


And work on both stalled after a year and a half. Granted, that’s a lot of time… but when you look at the fact that Bethesda rarely actually fixes jack in their patches…

I give it 3 months from release of the Creation Kit for us to have a 500 bugfix patch out.

Pom: Here’s a few of the game-breakers I’ve had:
Falling through the map
Crash to desktop every 30 minutes or so
Crash to desktop every other fast travel
Going into Falmer huts that won’t let you leave (placed too low)
Dead dragon bodies following me around (kept me from fast-traveling, because game would crash due to dragon spawning inside city)
Never-ending battle music (maybe not breaking… but certainly annoying)
Ash piles/arrows not being cleaned on Cell reset (may not sound bad, but after a while it makes saves so big that the game won’t load them, and has been linked to crashes on the PS3)
A finishing move being used as the opener of a Draugr… so it took all 330 of my health in 1 hit


How to Pronouce Skyrim


skrundarlo bumpi du!


My brother forced me to play Skyrim on Xbox 360, and I admit it’s actually kind of fun. They casually slipped in two furry races back when the first elder scrolls game came out, and I picked the lizard one. My guy kind of looks a bit like Bowser! Thanks Bethesda!


Yeah I made an Argonian too. They’re awesome.


They “Casually slipped in” those characters in 1994.

Mods worthy of noting for people playing it on PC (can’t wait for the mod tools…) :

Multiplayer (HELL YEAH):

UI reworking:

HD texture pack:

“Street-View” World map zoom feature:


That UI reworking is made of win.


New Skyrim patch, the fan-made 4gb patch was actually used by Bethesda (Finally…)

I have gone 8 hours or so without a crash. Woot.


Is Bethesda allowed to do that? I assume they notify the patcher that he/she is downloading a third party patch?

Also, yes the old UI was definitely a “poor console port” as they say.


Not in that sense. The patch (which was used for Morrowind and Oblivion as well) simply injected code into the exe. Bethesda finally got around to officially putting that code in the exe.

I got another game-breaking bug today. Completed a quest in Windhelm (I think…) before joining the Companions… apparently if you do that you can’t do the companions final quest, because the game flips out.


sooo…how does one go about getting this 4Gb patch? Does it auto download from steam?


Part of the 1.3.10 update.


huh, that’s weird, cause I have the latest version now that I own a legit copy of the game and I was able to play within 5 minutes of finishing the disk install, and my internet connection is nowhere near that fast.


Combined total of the patches is probably less than 30mb. They’ve fixed something like 6 bugs. (2 of which were introduced in 1.2).


I’m assuming that update hasn’t been released yet then?


It has been…