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New song. I called it exploration because it reminded me Metroid. I will probably leave the track how it is unless a certain number of people ask for a re-eddit/re-master.

New Song: Exploration



Keep making music so I can listen to it.



There is a way for us to get MP3s of all of this, right?


iTunesing it up soon. But might put some songs together for an Exclusive p2d download. :smiley:


Veruh NIce.


Hey guys, so u no you wanted that download well its on iTunes in 2 weeks, and its a new version of AC. :smiley:


o.o Why did I miss this topic before?
I just spent the last hour listening to your stuff… It’s so freaking awesome. I love it.


Thanks :smiley:
means a lot


My Art teacher was taking suggestions for music, so I made them listen to the AC Demo thing.

Also, your videos say Dan Freeman, so I’m guessing that’s your actual last name. Please, for the love of everything in the world, name your son Gordon.


You must.
Otherwise, we may all be doomed.


Okay Gordon it is lol, and Phlakes what did the art class think of it?


An updated version of Ac is now on iTunes it the new features include Singing and Dutch voices.…&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

And i know its expensive and am working on getting the price lowered.

It will be available in 1 week on Amazon mp3 for about ?3




iTunes now only for $0.99

and its now on amazon for ?0.68…dromeda&x=0&y=0

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hey All :smiley:

Sorry For The Lack of music updates…

I’ve uploaded a new track to YouTube called “Frost.”

YouTube only allows a 10 minute video so i had to cut out 5 minuets of content at the end, which I will upload later.

I now want to be putting a new song up once every 1-2 weeks. I am in the final stages of recording my new album which is due for release on October 10th.

Click the link below to listen to the new track “Frost”




Now I really can’t wait to get a computer. Unless there’s a way to update Flash Player on a Wii.


Hey Guys!

Got a great new song for you guys to listen. If you liked AC Demo pt3 then you’ll hopefully love my new song “Distant Memories.” Please have a listen and post your thought on either my YouTube page or here :slight_smile:

Distant Memories



I just realized I haven’t listened to Frost yet, so I’ll hear that and then this one.


Both are great of course, but in Frost, the birds chirping are kinda out of place. I think wind blowing or something like that would be a little more Frosty.


Thanks Phlakes! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah didn’t think of that :s I’ll change the birds to the wind SX. The songs are still in their early stages :slight_smile: