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Is it supposed to, though? If it’s just a remix and not a remake, I think it does fine. And it’s wonderful to listen to.


Right, as I said, it’s just me. I get very connected to songs… so it makes me extremely picky about remixes.


Did not like until 0:40… the buildup could really use some tweaking. After it got going, however, it was awesome.

I would argue that (IMO) the Torvus theme seems forced. It almost seems like it was added to one of your typical style of mixes after the fact. I almost think this song would stand on its own, and be better, without the Torvus theme on top.


Thank Phlakes :slight_smile:

And yeh zurg a hear what you are saying about the intro. On the torvus theme, I never thought about not using it, so that could be a fun concept to explore.


I actually like it, but I might be biased–Torvus’ melody is one of my personal favorites of all time.

I do agree that it doesn’t always flow with the background beats, though.

Honestly though–the composition as a whole feels straight out of Donkey Kong Country 2.

(That’s a good thing.)


Ahh glad you liked it! Yeh can see what you mean about the beats. My mate actually said it sounded like DKC, which i’m happy with :stuck_out_tongue:

Any requests btw for a Metroid remix?


Sector 1 and/or Hunters theme. :smiley:>


Seconding Sector 1 hard. Get some heavy bassy synths in there and it could be amazing.


The only criticism I have of this wonderfully done piece is that the synth coming in at 1:05 seems a bit off beat to me.


Hey Guys!

I’m taking Film Studies as one of my AS levels, I’ve just taken the exam and finished the first year.

Anyways part of the coursework was to make your own film in groups of three, each responsible for a different aspect. Surprisingly I went with sound and composed the soundtrack. It’s basically “Time To Go Part II.” You’ll also see my amazing acting skills (Y) The film is called “Drop Off”

Drop Off

It’s very short, like a trailer. I was overall pleased apart from some of the editing stuff which wasn’t my fault.

If you look in the description there is a link to the sound-cloud page where you can download the track for free!

Let me know what you think!



Work in progress, thoughts? Feel free to download it via the button on the soundcloud player.

Dan :slight_smile:


If anyone is interested I recently was the lead sound designer and composer for a short film for a university project. It’s a surrealist film, so you might find it a bit strange… It’s meant for your own interpretation, so I won’t say anything about the plot.

I spent a lot of time on the score so I hope you like it! I’m working on a few things at the moment which a hope to release soon.

Into Me, I See


I liked the rabbit. Made me think of the Donnie Darko rabbit a bit.


Hey great job! I’m not the biggest fan of the film but the music really fits it well and sets up the right mood. The Coldplay ‘O’ in the credits was a bit hard to find though – I was waiting for it. :slight_smile: